Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It ain't exercise

I have given it my best shot, I have vacuumed until the Dyson really does seem to lose it's suck.

I have patted children to sleep and used the time effectively by doing pelvic floor exercises and sucking in my tummy.

I hang so much washing that I have done the bend and stretch enough times to have the flexibility of a ballerina. The Little Hueys have never really been 'little' always sitting above the 75th percentile on the charts, I have used this as a part of my daily weights program, carrying them around, lifting them in and out of the car, in to high chairs and off trampolines.

Do don't listen to any book, magazine or expert.

Housework does not classify as exercise. If it did I would be waif like.

Unless you are living the life of an 1850's woman living on the gold fields in a tent with no running water.

The gym and I are becoming reacquainted.

Wish me luck.



  1. hoep your back holds up to the challege!

  2. Good luck lovely!

  3. You know they can be dangerous. Be safe and do not fart on the squat machine x

  4. Good luck! I WISH housework was exercise...

  5. Luck! I think it's time I did this too. xx


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