Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Guests: Old Friends, New Tricks

The babble house may seem like it is just the four of us, but really we do have bigger lives, we have friends, old and new and lots of great family members that contribute to the richness of our lives. 

I gave a holler to a few to see if they wanted to get into the BabbleOn action, and enter my blog as a Sunday Guest.

KerriB is one of my school friends so that means we have known each other quite a while. She is a pretty amazing chick, and has been by my side since we used to ride our bikes to the local boys school to watch them play football, not sure why as we never once uttered a single word to any of them, just raced off on our bikes in case someone saw us. KerriB was also there to ensure I survived backpacking around some of Turkey in 1998. When no one else would go with me, she met me at Heathrow, raced me to Earls Court and 48 hours later we were lying on a marble slab with wrinkly old men giving us a "Turkish Bath". Yes, interesting.

KerriB once held a glamourous job at Bride Magazine (though she denies its glamour status), now she is a Mum to one year old Max. She returned to work this week and as all good multi tasking Mums do, she also wrote me a blog post on the ten things she learnt when becoming a Mum. 

Can you add to the list?

One gorgeous family.
Things that I learnt by becoming a mum

After eight years of just hubby and me, a year ago we became three. A little person coming into our lives has been nothing like I imagined, sometimes better, sometimes worse. What I didn’t expect was to learn things about myself. Some might say obvious things, but things all the same. So, since BabbleOn has been so kind to let me sneak a post in, here is my self indulgent post to share.

Ten things that a new addition in my life has taught me.

1. I am brave, much braver than I thought I could be.
2. I have great instincts
3. The female body can do amazing things (yet it cannot self erase cellulite!)
4. Silence really is golden, even if it’s just during the morning commute on the train
5. It does not matter – broken cups, messy floor, dirty dishes.
6. I’m all for equality, but sometimes that is just not how it plays out

7. The world can be spectacular at 6.30am
8. Control and I are friends it’s a pity we can’t see each other all the time
9. My imagination is far scarier than my reality
10. Life balance is a skill not easily mastered

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