Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Click here, click there, click everywhere

If you are in a reader or email get out of it, click to my pretty page. Go, on, I'll wait for you.

Because if you look to the left, now back to me, you see ADVERTISING!

I know, you are so excited to have advertising highlighted to you. But the people over at nuffnang think I am big enough to host their clients and the ad is actually for a comp to win some groovy goggles. So click over there and enter yourself in to win.

Also, there is a blog post competition going on, you know the type that whoever gets the most clicks wins. Most bloggers have Facebook pages and will have hundreds of likers clicking their link, so in the interests of just not coming in last, pretty please with a cherry on top, could you click here

And click Like.

You don't even have to read my post to do it, takes one second.

Back to clicking now....

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  1. Unreal! Are you still coming next week for coffee and catch up at Birdie Num Nums??

  2. Congrats on the ad! That's fantastic!! I am starting to wonder who I have to sleep with to have an add on my blog. Seeing as that's not really my style I guess I'm a different type of screwed... :)

  3. Wow, that's great news. CONGRATS!

  4. I am not going to congratulate you on your ad (sorry love) but I will congratulate you on 'being big enough'. You deserve to be big enough!!



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