Sunday, February 27, 2011

Does where you live dictate the colour you wear?

Nicole and I first met at mothers group and have now survived five years of motherhood together. We even started a maternity bag of clothes, adding in everything we had and passing it on to the next person to announce they had another bun in oven. We have both declined to have the bag returned to us, deciding two is definitely enough.

In the midst of organising her outfit to attend my 80s themed dinner party next week, running her own business and being a mean green bike riding machine she has written a blog post for me.

I have just spent the evening cleaning out and rearranging my wardrobe. The impetus for this was that there is a school fete coming up (and I am now a school-mum) and there was a bit of a buying spree accident a week or two ago.

I can wear black tops now, having passed the milk/snot/what –the-hell-is-that-on-my-shoulder stage of motherhood.

I decided to dedicate a whole, albeit quite small, drawer to my black tops so that I am not rummaging around through general tops to get to the one I need. You know the ones, the basics that you wear all the time. I discovered I have 8 black tops, not counting camisoles. There is the long sleeved fine merino that I bought in an outdoor gear store when I was 3 months pregnant because my husband was buying a new backpack and I wanted something too. I bought it thinking I wouldn’t get to wear it much. It’s nearly threadbare now (as I said, I’m a school-mum now). Then there’s another long sleeved merino one that’s not as good but has a scoop neck. There’s a synthetic one that has puffy sleeves that I bought from a new local shop because I always like to support the new local shops. There’s one from Mesop that is so barely-there you can wear it under anything. And a polo neck one from Skin and Threads that I wore every day last Winter because it was so cold. Then there are two short sleeved ones and one with no sleeves. As I said, I didn’t include camisoles.

I don’t think this is an excessive number of black tops.

After all, I live in Melbourne.

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  1. I randomly held up a nice peppermint and white 'shell' top (you know, parka-thingy for running) as I walked through a shop the other day - hubby was trying on shoes. I got bored of waiting (well the kids did!) so we walked on to the next shop. A few shops down hubby rejoined us with his new shoes AND the peppermint parka-thingy!
    'Yay, thx, but why?' I asked.
    His response - because is wasn't black!
    No I don't think you own an excessive number of black tops...but then I live in Melb too :-)

  2. I live in Qld and I wear mainly black. But in my defense I do accesorise with colour (as you do).

    I really love the jades and watermelon's that are out now but I always tend to stick with my black.

  3. Well, now I know you live in Melbourne, it makes perfect sense! All the black washing I do is for my husband as he is rarely out of anything that is lighter than navy blue. I wear a bit of black, but notice that the colour loads are usually full of my clothes and my children's. When I moved back to Melbourne four years ago, I found myself returning to a mostly black wardrobe, but now have introduced colour back into it. It's a conscious effort though!

    I think you can't live in Melbourne and have too much black!

    Lovely post. xx

  4. I avoid black or white, because they make me look washed out. It's a function of my skin color not where I live.
    Here in Hawaii, bright florals are the mainstay.


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