Monday, February 7, 2011

1980s Dinner Party planning

I am going to have a 1980s dinner party.

I haven't got to organise it yet, but when I do this is the book I'll be using.

Published in 1982 it includes pretty much what I remember as being the staples at our place. Casserole, rissoles, coleslaw, potato salad, roast chicken, roast lamb and for special occasions a prawn cocktail. I grabbed it from a box that was on it's way to the op shop at my friend SQ's house.

It was before the times of a Thai chicken curry or baby spinach with beetroot and fetta salad. Gnocchi? No. But fettucine carbonara, ah yes. Yum.

Yesterday Popps and I used it for scones. another 80s memory for me is eating lots of scones after school. It's the only book that covers all the little tips a domestic godless woman needs, heating plates, flour the bench, veggies stay hotter longer.

What would you serve at an eighties dinner party?

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  1. omg I love food themes! 80s would rock. from a little research (i was born in 1985 so no personal experience), i would do:
    - food on tooth-picks (cheese cubes, kabana, cocktail frankfurts)
    - mini hamburgers
    - popcorn
    - fudge
    - club soda
    - frozen yoghurt
    & then I would plan my outfit & make-up, using molly ringwald as inspiration :)
    Heidi xo

  2. Did you ever get to see the Supersizers 1980's episode? Very funny, and lots of fodder for an '80s inspired dinner party.

  3. Hi Heidi,

    Toothpicks would be so funny, just platters of toothpicks with little tassle things on the end.

    Tenille, I am not sure of that show, will have to look it up.

    I am thinking some Creme de Menthe and lemonade might also be needed!

  4. Best idea for a dinner party - ever!

  5. Oh, I think a shandy is a MUST for this event....and napkins shaped like fans a la dodgy Chinese restaurant now but height of chic back then. I love this idea. SO glad things have moved on since then though growing up in an "ethnic" house I'm not sure how many of the 80s staples really did make it to our dinner table. Might have to grab the book and see for myself. :)

  6. If u can get your hands on them so lolly gobble bliss bombs dessert or nibbles!!

  7. maybe l still serving the 80s meals at our house !!

    But remember the chowmin!! yuk.

    look forward to the dinner party.

  8. My menu would be:

    Canapes - Vol Au Vents

    Entree - Prawn Cocktail

    Main - Beef Wellington

    Pudding - Ginger Nut Log

    And then - After Dinner Mints.

    I would also suggest apricot and pale grey dinnerware and agree wholeheartedly with the idea of paper napkins folded into dinky shapes (swans??)

    Wardrobewise I would channel Joan Collins.

    I hope you have a great night.

  9. Ha! I have that book, and use it for the occasional beef strog.

    You have to have choc ripple cake for dessert!

  10. Such a cool idea! I wanna come!!! My first thoughts were:
    vol au vents (with tuna and corn mornay inside?), trifle, chocolate ripple cake, ham steaks with pineapple, chow mein... oh the possibilities are endless! Make sure you tell us the final menu and we want to see photos of the napkins and toothpicks!

  11. I don't know what I'd serve, but I just wanted to say that this is a fabulous idea! Retro food - I love it!! x

  12. Came across Tori's latest and thought of you: perfect!


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