Thursday, February 10, 2011

And now I am a Wombat

After I read Wendy Tuohy's article on parenting styles on Saturday from the Weekend section of the Herald Sun I can now tell you all that  I am a Wombat. I can't find the article online to link to so I will have to retype the best bit for you.

The article discusses how as Mothers we are constantly labelled with one name or another depending on our parenting style. Of course none of the labels shreik EXCELLENT MUM to the world, but rather highlight one of your faults.

While I may at times be one or all of the other types discussed in the article, Helicopter, Bear, Tiger, Soccer etc. I am happy to now be classified as a Wombat Mum,

Which is

"She'd be very warm and fuzzy, and happy to get down and dirty with in a spot of free play with her scruffy brood. Not a fan of weight loss, heavy waxing or animal prints, she'd never win fashions on the school-gate field. But she would always be there to dig the kids out of a hole until they learn to do it for themselves."

How about you, what Mothering style do you think best describes you?

Image is here


  1. That's hilarious. I think I'd probably be a wombat too. What a flattering label!

  2. Wombat sounds like me, too! Lovely. And a bit weird as I've always thought wombats look a bit like my dad...

  3. Love it :) I'd say I'm a Wombat too. Which is funny, cause our nickname for our little boy is also "The Wombat", ever since he piled on lots of weight as a little baby and became a fat, crawly, burrowing, lovable ball of cuteness.

  4. Great post Clairey! I'm not sure of the characteristics of the other categories, but the 'will never win fashions at the school gate' line definitely puts me in the wombat area. Oh, that and my silhouette.

  5. I would say wombat, however I am aware they also poo on top of rocks ... ?

  6. I'd like to read the article now you've talked about it. I like the idea of digging the kids out of a hole until they learn to do it themselves though.

  7. I'm definitively a wombat mum then, don't even have to read the rest. I reckon they can also be fierce when they have to defend their offspring, so there you go..
    now as for the square

  8. Im a wombat mum too - I love the sound of it =)


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