Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy days

It's Valentines Day.
A slighly over scheduled child may have had a major melt down on the weekend.
A reminder that it is more than ok to do nothing sometimes.
There are roses in the garden, blocks of chocolate in the fridge and Babble Dad started his first day of a big new secondment, he is overloaded with work stuff, we will be lucky just to see him tonight.
There wont be fancy dinners.
But that's ok.
Because there will be red wine, I am buying it myself to make sure.


  1. Get two bottles then have your wicked way with yourself xx

  2. Red wine sounds good for tonight (checking if I have a bottle somewhere). Had our 'celebration' yesterday. Now hubby is off with his friend and I'm planning to watch The Grammy's. Happy V-day!


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