Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The importance of invitations

In case you didn't know, I love me some snail mail and one of the best things to get by mail is an invitation.

Along with bills and letters, invites arrive pretty rarely in my dusty old letter box. It's possible I am just not being invited to all the parties of the season, but let's just pretend that this is not the case.

I love it when the kids get invitations where the kids have tried to do their best handwriting and written out all the names.

For work I have to whip up the words for many an invite and most of mine I admit to being pretty dull. There is a certain level of boring that comes with being professional.


Which is why I am just loving the invitation that I received this week.

It's bright orange, it's funny, it was delivered by the mail lady, it was unexpected.

I don't think I am even going to make it to the event, but the invite alone tells me it is going to be a really really good night.

It even came with a page of magnet words to play around with. The card is on fancy sparkly stock and the graphics are fabulous. Every word has been carefully considered.

It's a truly nifty piece of marketing. (Not all will understand my joy at such a thing)

I am already seriously jealous knowing that people will be instagramming every fun detail and I will be home wiping the dishes.

Well done Buderim Ginger.

The right invite can really set the vibe for a function, party or event. This invite has given me some confidence to make my own work ones a bit more creative.

And speaking of invites, here is a not quite so exciting one for you...

I am speaking as part of a panel talking about health blogging. It's true, I am terrified of scary people and their questions, but I am doing it anyway. Come along if you want. Just click the not so exciting invitation which will take you to the bookings page, promise you will not be a scary question askerer.

Do you send invitations? Do you like to receive them?
Will you send me one? Are you going to the Ginger One? Will I meet you at the Health bloggers gig?


  1. I love the invitation!! Wow fabulous!
    I still love to receive an invite in the post. Email invites are not personal.

  2. I love snail mail - real letters, real greetings and real invitations - there's something magical about opening the envelope and seeing what's inside. This one is a corker, isn't it? Shame it's not transferable as I could have gone and instagrammed on your behalf :) I would have loved to have come to your gig and accepted your invitation, if I lived in the same state as you! Hope you three have a ball anyway!

  3. As the proud mother of a Ranga, I *love* that invitation too!
    Also, love that you're speaking at the Cancer Council event. Sending non-scary-question-askers vibes your way!

  4. That ranga invite is AWESOME - as is yours because YOU are speaking! You are going to be brilliant hun, I just know it xx


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