Monday, October 13, 2014

Check your bags people

Scrolling through twitter last night I saw that Jetstar are going to start checking carry on bags much more often. Checking the weight and size of bags after too many complaints that people are taking too long to get into their seats on planes and causing flights to be taking off late.

I cheered and clapped and danced a jig. I also know I might be the only one who did. Sorry. (not sorry)

I don't even fly all that often, but I am a stickler for bag rules.

On one recent flight I checked all my bags except my handbag and my small laptop bag. When I finally got to my seat in the depths of cattle class I could not even slide my laptop in the overhead locker. Two other people had filled it with their giant bags.

On the next flight there was a Grandma flying to see her grandkids, her bag was massive and I offered to help put it up for her, she couldn't even lift her bag it was so massive, possibly filled with treats for those kids, but whatever, check that luggage.

I am not really fussed on the weight of your bag, if your bag is small but filled with kinetic sand and weighs 12 kilos, carry on. But if you are taking carry on bags, you need to take a small bag, that fits in the little bag checker thingo.

I too hate waiting at the baggage terminal for my bags while the taxi line gets longer and longer.

I also hate how you have to pay extra for doing the right thing and checking your bags into the underneath of the plane.

But that's the way things are. If you like to travel with extra shoes, you need to suck it up and follow the bag rules.

Now, if Jetstar could remove the totally ridiculous $8.50 per person, per flight credit card charge, I might really quite like them.

Are you checking your bags? 
Is there something minor that ticks you off?


  1. Tiger Air charge the same amount for a child to fly as a fully grown adult yet children may not have carry on luggage (not withstanding my eldest child is taller than some fully grown adults despite being under 12). Ok, I can understand if the child is three or four, but my kids are 8 and 11. We double checked when Sir Reginald took the boys to QLD, definitely no carry on for the kiddies, so we paid to check a bag. They're queuing up for the flight, and every man, dog, child, alien - you name it - has the aforementioned gigantic carry on. The boys decided it was worth paying the extra and going Jetstar the next time they went just because the rules are sort of sensible.

    1. This would drive me bananas. I can imagine how much stuff everyone else had while your kids are there with nothing...because the rules were no carry on for kids. I have not flown Tiger for many many years, there is no way my kids are going on without a little bag of stuff to entertain them during the flight. Even a few My Little Ponies and an apple need a carry on bag.

  2. I can't even reach the overhead lockers. So I always take something small enough to fit under the seat in front of me. That Tiger airways rule above is so wrong! ridiculous.
    I HATE the credit card surchage, it is bullshit. makes me very very angry.

    1. I much prefer the underseat bag too. If I have it on the plane, I am likely to want something out of it. Last jetstar flight we paid by direct debit, it took an extra half hour of stuffing about but saved $68 for the booking.

  3. Now for something random, I totally agree with you Claire, but Jetstar I avoid on all accounts.. I went on a flight a few years ago with both kids and did all the right things, checked oversized prams etc etc through the right channels. I then got off the other end where I received a lovely note from baggage handlers stuck on my pram "Clean it PIGS". yes could say I was a little upset.

    1. REALLY!! WOW. OMG, I can't believe that. How awful. Totally understand you won't be flying with them again.


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