Thursday, October 9, 2014

5 Things for the Perfect Shower Experience

You might need to start your day with a coffee. Forget coffee.  I can't start the day without a shower. Just like people are fussy about their coffee, I am very fussy about my shower.

We recently had a trip away and loved the apartment we stayed in, except the beds were really uncomfortable. The shower however, was superb. It got big ticks on all five of the essential shower needs. It was so good that I couldn't decide if the crap beds were worth putting up with just to have the ideal shower.

What are the five things on the Perfect Shower Experience list? Here you go...

1) Heat

A good shower needs to be really hot. Without the fear that you are going to run out of water or feel guilty for using it all and causing everyone else to have a cold shower after you.

I recently set off a fire alarm at a holiday destination with the steam from my shower, that is a sign of a damn good heat setting. (My apologies to all the other guests that weekend).

2) Pressure

We have one shower that has one of those huge big square shower heads. Often called the Waterfall style. It looks fantastic and has a great deal of water but it's kind of pathetic when it comes to pressure. Thank goodness it also has a second smaller shower head, and once you flick it to that, BAM! The pressure is all yours. It will get the conditioner rinsed out of your hair in seconds. Our water saving shower head is also fabulous for pressure.

3) A confined space. 

THIS IS RISKY BUSINESS! Those towels are going to get wet, and the bathmat would be soaked.

All those trendy lovely looking showers that are screen less or door less don't get a tick. I don't like the bath mat getting wet. I don't like to think the clothes I have probably thrown on the floor are at risk of getting wet. Towels should be safely hanging away from any shower spray. A perfect shower has a nice big area of space, but it also has a door on that area. When that door is closed, the glass is fogged up with steam and the water pressure is massaging your back, it's a cocoon of calm.

4) Solitary Time

My Family has still not quite got this under control. But step four of the perfect shower is no interruptions. NONE. No one coming in to the bathroom to brush your teeth or find a hair band. No putting your head in the doorway to ask where a tap shoe is or if dinner is organised. No calling out to me that my phone is ringing. Instead, when someone is in the shower, leave them alone. Always.

5) Fluffy Towels and Good Smells

These are nice towels. You can buy them here if you want. I don't have them myself, but I like them.

The last things for the perfect shower experience are the extras. Shampoos, soaps, body washes and scrubs that smell so beautiful add that last little bit of luxury to that ten minutes of solitude you might get for the day. I love just throwing in a different product each fortnight to the grocery trolley to try something new. The Perfect Shower is finished off with stepping on to a big fluffy bathmat and wrapping yourself in a heated fluffy towel (in Winter time). Because there is nothing worse than grabbing your towel and finding that someone else has just used it. Or wiped there toothpaste covered face all over it. 

How is your shower? Do you need a good shower to get your day started, or is coffee your thing?


  1. We just danged out shower head and it was changed my life! Piping hot, excellent water pressure.... it is just s delight!

  2. When we moved into our house, the hot water service needed replacing. I decreed that we should have one of those continuous hot water services because you could set the temperature and never scald the baby. Because I was eleventy months up the duff and slightly irrational, Sir Reginald said "Yes, Missus, whatever you want, Missus" and we got a continuous hot water service.

    Fast forward several years, house full of family and six showers one after the other and no sign of the hot water running out - I finally confessed to Sir Reg that bugger the forthcoming baby, I just wanted to have a shower for as long as I want! Win.

    (We call them OH&S showers - when you shut the door, crank up the hot water and stay in there until all the problems of the world go away. And the children can't get in because hey, when the door's shut the clothes basket sort of accidentally blocks the door.

  3. Oh I desperately want one of those shower heads. I am a weird one though who usually has a shower at night. I have this thing about climbing into bed washed of the day. I'm a weirdo xx

  4. I like the best of both worlds. I like a shower and a coffee in the morning otherwise I cannot function. But I also like a night time shower too! I'm with Sonia, I don't like getting into bed dirty. We encountered some really tiny shower cubicles in the UK , so I've decided that there is such a thing as space that is too confined! When I grow up I want to have one of those super cool rain showers - they're amazing!


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