Monday, October 27, 2014

Should I get Acrylic Nails?

If you have ever considered getting some fake nails placed on your hands there are a couple of things that you should consider.

Last week I was happily sitting at the hairdresser content in the knowledge that the mullet I seemed to have accidentally grown was being chopped and styled to something less bogan.

As I sat playing on Facebook and Instagram and reading magazines about how I too could be 45 kilos less in just three days, a message jumped out at my from facebook. Was anyone free in an hour to have their nails done? The Nail training school needed more hand models.

Sure. Free false nails, sounds good to me.

I was the lucky hands that got to sit about for a couple of hours and leave with new hands.

As a person who has the awful habit of picking at my nails, I left thinking how wonderful they looked.

Not only that, but the lady who did them was so nice, we chatted for a couple of hours and she was really good at the whole nail caper. It was a nice way to waste an afternoon.... and free.

But. No one told me about fake nails.

I tried to send a text message and check my work emails and I couldn't use my phone.

I am a social media manager who spends HOURS on a device each day, it is not good if you can't use your hands to do this.

The next day I had an accreditation meeting with big wig sorts who needed to be shown things online. I COULD NOT TYPE properly.

With fake nails you can't pick things up properly off the bench.

You can not get stickers off anything.

It was then suggested by my fellow colleagues (nurses in a hospital) that acrylic nails are not really what they want, as they are  really bad for infections.

Great. My nails are not only annoying but also can spread disease.

I decided that I wanted to remove the acrylic nails.

Have you ever tried to do this?  It's nearly impossible and comes with a big list of things to not to do as you risk ripping off the actual nail bed from your fingers.

I have been soaking my hands in chemicals to try and get these plastic suckers off, but so far, no luck. These babies are stuck on good and proper.

So if you are asking yourself the question: Should I get my acrylic nails done.

I suggest you ask yourself the following questions first.

Do you need to use your smart phone often?

Do you care about having infections in your nails?

Do you prefer to spend your nights doing things other than soaking your nails in paint stripper?

Do you like to be able to pick up small things with your fingers?

Do you like to avoid possible cancer causing chemicals leaking into your body?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you should NOT be getting acrylic nails. No matter how good they look.

I need to go and soak for another hour are your nails looking?

Do you have any tips on removing fake nails (painlessly)?


  1. No. Never again. Got sucked in one time years ago, looked good for2 minutes & developed an infected nail bed in a few days. Asked for nails to be removed. Paint stripper applied & anti biotic commenced. And also, good to admire for a minute or so, made all stuff I normally do much more challenging. No I didn't ever get them again

  2. Acrylics are evil! I shellac-ed for a while and it stopped me biting my own. I now get what I like to call 'dippy nails' ( over my own nails. They are soooo tough! I only get them re-done because they grow out, they don't chip! (In fact, by the end of the month sometimes my nail has come away from the polish underneath, but the polish still looks perfect.

  3. Oh no! You just listed all the reasons why I never got acrylics, even though I've been terribly tempted as they look so good and all. I've started using the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes and love them so. They look as shiny as Shellac but you can apply and remove at home. It's much cheaper and safer and your nails still look like they've clicked out of the nail salon!

  4. I had them for ages last year. I hated having to go back every three weeks for refills. I was scared after the first couple of times they'd grind down past my nail...eeeek! I couldn't use my nails for anything and that's not good for a primary school teacher. I'll never get them again although they did look nice for the first 2 weeks after I'd have them refilled.

  5. There is something about going to the hairdresser that makes me do crazy things too - sitting there all relaxed, someone running around after you (makes a nice change), all those fancy magazines, the lure of becoming a different version of yourself (thinner, younger, better hair, lovely nails...). In the past I have spent a small fortune on hair care, false eyelashes, shellac I do my own nails -mostly my own hair - and bring a book to read...good luck with your soaking...x

  6. oh no ... did once for a weeding never again maybe go back and get them to take off as your nails will be ruined for ages now!!

  7. It they are like stilettos for hands... x

  8. Don't even get me started on how difficult it is to do up tight high wasted jeans.... gah! I did the acrilyc nail thing for about 3 months and it took me 6 onths ot get my real nails back. They do look lovely though! Bec x

  9. Ugh I've NEVER had them, and doubt I ever will,. my sisters normal nails were SO wrecked by her falsies for her birthday!

  10. I have naturally long nails and can easily do all the things you mention, I guess it's what you get used to :) I'm grateful that I have never had to worry about getting acrylic nails, as they do, do a lot of damage


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