Sunday, September 28, 2014

How Potted about Harry Potter Are You? {Giveaway!}

Let me start this with a confession.

I have never read a single Harry Potter book.

But Miss 8 is LOVING them. She didn't start reading them until Immy started talking about them. I wasn't really sure at first that Immy was talking about Harry Potter, she was telling me that she loved the story that Dad told her at bed time but I knew he wasn't reading Harry to her.

Instead Mr H had got sick of making up bed time stories and instead decided to tell Immy the story of Harry Potter, it gave him weeks of bedtime story fodder and eventually they sat and watched the first movie together. Miss 8 then noticed the books in our book shelf and decided to start reading.

The next thing I know she has two new friends at school and is begging for a wand because the three of them are spending every spare moment playing Harry Potter games.

That wand was the first Harry (Hermoine) item to arrive.

Then a friend cleaned out their toy box and gave us another wand (apparently, much better than ours).

Then I had to order a Hermoine cape, which required me to dust off a very unused sewing machine and reduce it from the Adult size small to the children's size small, because who knew that adults are out there buying Hermoine capes on ebay???

I have been begged for Harry Potter chocolate frogs and Harry Potter beans. (Confusion number 2: I am a tight arse and refuse to pay $5 for one chocolate frog or a teeny box of jelly beans).

Can you guess who Miss 8 dressed as for this year's book week?

And which pj's she wants for Christmas?


There is a bit of Potter madness in the house at the moment.

So when I got the email asking if I wanted to giveaway some tickets to the  Potted Potter show, it was an easy answer.

Potted Potter is a comedy act where two actors go through the entire seven books in a couple of hours on stage.

Here is the 70 second trailer to show you what the show is about. I haven't seen it yet so I can't tell you what it's like.


But I DO have tickets to giveaway.

Do you have any Harry Potter fans at your place, perhaps you are one yourself? Would you like to come along?

I have FOUR tickets for the Melbourne Opening Night Show: 

TUESDAY 28 OCTOBER at 7.30pm 
Melbourne Arts Centre, Playhouse. 

To get these four tickets (valued at $310) in your hands, just leave me a comment here on the blog telling me anything at all about Harry Potter. 

Comments open Sunday 28 September and close at 9pm Friday 3 October 2014. 

PLEASE LEAVE ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS or Twitter Handle so that I can contact the winner. 

Good Luck


  1. Oh my god. OHMYGOSH. Things to tell you about Harry Potter? I could go on forever. One thing that I love about HP is all the sublte (but amazing) facts JK rowling leaves in the books. Like Remus Lupin for example.. Remus, his first name is the name of one of the 2 brothers that founded rome. (this is the story of rome being founded 2000 years ago or whatever) Romulus and Remus - they were both raised by a SheWolf and settled on Palentine hill in Rome. They had a big fight as to who was going to rule Rome. Remus was too 'wolf like' from his upbringing so Romulus won - Hence it being Rome not Reme. (If you're not up to the 3rd book, Remus Lupin is a friend of harry's parents and a warewolf in hiding) Then there is his last name Lupin which is dervied from the Luna - moon. And that's just one character! There are a billion hidden riddles like this to do with Spell names, types of creatures and flowers, character names (all the death eaters are names after constellations in our galaxy visible from the human eye) and theres another favourite one of mine that I may not tell you now because it might ruin the last book!

    Obviously a mad fan.... Longest comment ever. I am so glad your daughter is loving HP - I was at the book store on the morning of each book release and then hid in my room reading HP. I also made a best friend from talking to her because she had a deatlhy hallows tattoo I noticed on her ankle at a party!

    Get her those pj's I say! Bec x
    My twitter: @rebeccassunday

  2. Years ago when the Harry Potter books became a thing, I thought they were just a fad and would be awful. My mum had bought one as a present for my niece and before she wrapped it I asked if I could read the first chapter. Well, I literally didn't put it down until I finished it. When the other books were released, my BFF and I had a tradition of buying them the minute they came out and then spending the day reading them. She is a faster reader than me, so there would be gasps and tears and I had to race to catch up and find out what she was reacting to. The books are SO much better than the movies. (But then again, aren't they always?)

    Twitter: @chickensbees

  3. I was slow to pick up the Harry Potter books. I didn't want to belong to a fad, so I resisted. When I fell, oh, it was delightful. What I loved most was that it became a shared experience between myself and my younger sister. I would read the book, then she would. I remember when Dumbledore died and my sister sobbing over it in my lap. Nicest bonding moment ever.

  4. Anything at all?!! OH THE PRESSURE OF PICKING THE ULTIMATE HARRY POTTER HAPPENING! Okay, what to do, what to do. Just pick one, Emily. JUST PICK ONE. Umm...

    Okay, so instead of telling you anything about the books because YOU ARE GOING TO READ THEM (hint) and I don't do spoilers, I will instead tell you that when they came out, my then-ten-year-old step-sister carved a lightning bolt into her forehead. My parents were LIVID (surprise). It took a VERY long time to fade. There's still the tiniest hint of scar if you know where to look.

    So there you go. Something about Harry Potter: my step-sister loved him so much she disfigured herself to be more like him.

    (@emhawkerblog on twitter)

  5. That looks like an awesome show! I wonder if it's coming to Brisbane? I read part of the first book and decided it was too young for me. I really enjoyed the movies though. Meanwhile, how cool is that Hermione wand? Your little girl is the perfect Hermione. Visiting via #teamIBOT

  6. I have just as shameful a confession. Actually, I think it's closer to heresy. I have read the first three HP books and have no inclination to read any more. I don't like it. I don't get it. I wanted to get it, but I don't. I am clearly defective.

  7. My daughter had a "Who Knows Harry Potter Best" competition with her friend yesterday! They are both Potter mad and created questionnaires to test who knows more - it was very cute. Miss10 has read all of the books twice and now wants to get her hands on the books mentioned WITHIN the series! Apparently JKR has now published them. I'm not ashamed to admit that I read each book as they were released, sometimes staying up to the wee hours to finish one off ;)


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