Friday, October 17, 2014

Traditional Disco

It's Disco fever in our house this week. The long awaited night of all nights was on tonight at school.

It started with the flyer arriving home a fortnight ago. It's designed by the primary students and has an excessive use of Word Art and clip art to confirm this is the case. Comic sans usually gets a gig too.

This year in the class that Miss 8 refers to fondly as Performing Farts, each class is learning a dance for the disco too.

The grade twos are learning Staying Alive. I am so excited. The Preppies are learning YMCA.  I think it's wonderful they are learning of their parents history. The next wedding we attend we will be able to do the Macarena as a whole family. I hope all schools have 'Traditional Disco' in the curriculum.

I love a bit of a dance and what is better than some disco moves to get your weekend kicked off. The world needs more disco dancing, imagine the reduction in anger and violence if more people just started hand jiving more.

Parents were not invited to attend the school disco, with the wonderful teachers adding the task to their already busy schedules. So the disco allowed us an extra bonus - Mr H and I decided that rather than our usual Friday night takeaway, we could actually go out to a restaurant and eat whatever we wanted. We found a new Thai restaurant and no one spilt their drink.

We grabbed hot chips on the way home for the girls, which is exactly what we would have done 20 years ago after being out dancing all night too.

The school disco was a big hit for us all.

If you need to learn the moves to Staying Alive, here is the YouTube that was used by the Performing Farts teacher. I think it's in German, but the language of groovy dancing is clearly universal.

May your weekend be groovy.


  1. Gosh Mr German Dancer Man knows his stuff. I actually watched Stayin Alive again recently and realised it is a really sad movie! I can see the Hewitt family shakin it at the next function.

  2. I think Miss TT's school needs Traditional Disco in its curriculum. All I saw at her last disco was a lot of kindy to grade 3 kids doing their interpretation of Gangnam Style. So glad you got to have a date night!

  3. When I hear the word Disco mentioned in staff meetings I want to run from the room screaming. Hundreds of kids shrieking and dancing usually sugared up to the max is too much for this aging teacher. Performing Farts! I've never heard that but I love it and will be stealing it. I think I'd like Miss 8 Clairey!

  4. He is fantastic, look at those hips go!! There is nothing like a good disco!!

  5. My dudes LIVE for the annual disco and I love watching the bust their moves. As for the performing FARTS teacher - love it! ;)


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