Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blog Every Day in May 2014!

Here we go!

Perhaps it's madness. Why else would I encourage myself to do more?

The simple answer is that it's good practice. It is not super easy to just type up the words and communicate a story. It's not easy to walk into a room at a party and tell stories to people you don't know. If you don't read or write anything you don't learn and grow much at all.

Writing and telling stories is good for the soul. (I might have made that up).

So in the absence of finding a blog every day in May for 2014 list, I have made up my own.

I am not even sure I will make it, but I am going to try my guts out.

If you would like to blog every day in May than feel free to use this list too. Let me know if you are giving it a try.

  1. Describe your entire day in just 100 words.
  2. A Favourite Movie
  3. Changing Tracks – a song that you hear that reminds you of a certain time in your life.
  4. Your earliest memory
  5. Your zodiac sign and your thoughts on star signs
  6. In ten years time I will be…
  7. I once had a mentor who…
  8. I am inspired by…
  9. Out of all the ice cream in the world, the best is…
  10. The story of your first car.
  11. The one skill I have always wished to have.
  12. The house is on fire, all the family is out, and you can grab 5 more items. What are they?
  13. Describe your relationship with your phone – Honestly
  14. One of your favourite images of all time
  15. You can only choose five foods to eat for an entire year, what do you choose.
  16. The best smell in the world is…
  17. Yesterday we talked the best smell in the word, the worst smell is….
  18. You have $1million to give to just one charity, which one do you choose.
  19. Your favourite restaurant meal
  20. Three people walk into a bar…
  21. Write about a journey in your life.
  22. First names
  23. Something that you will never write about.
  24. The last book you read
  25. You can be a fly on the wall at any time/stage of history, where do you go?
  26. Are ghosts real?
  27. Share a blog that you enjoy reading
  28. A habit I would like to break
  29. A random act of kindness you have received or given.
  30. Your favourite photo of the week from around the world
  31. Farewell Autumn 2014, you have been…

Just incase I miss your posts on twitter or instagram or facebook, please use the hashtag #CHbloginmay

A HUGE thank you to Kelly Exeter at Swish Design for designing a blog button for us all to use too. If you don't know Kelly, you can follow her blog and business and check out all the wonderful design work she does over at Swish

Please feel free to use the button. 

Let's go!


  1. Thanks for the great list. Here we go!

  2. Great idea Clairey, thanks for organising-see you on the flip side x

  3. Here we go lovely! Thanks so much for doing the list.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes you can! .....god I hope I make it,

    2. Ok, I've failed already! I might have to blog nearly every day... Or, maybe just blog in May... At least once.

  5. My gosh I just posted the first day! If you are going to try your guts out so am I!

    1. only 30 to go - I will get a link up so we can all share our posts.

      Thanks for taking part in my madness. xx

  6. I am so in need of this!! Joining in today and everyday!!

    1. YES!!! Come along for Clairey's Crazy Capers.... only joking, it will be fun, I promise, we shall all eat cake at the end.

    2. First post up!! Thanks for this, I needed it to get my mind into gear. And I love cake!!!!

  7. Excellent. Thank you for joining in with me and everyone else, it's going to be fab.

  8. Wow! Your energy amazes me!!! I won't be joining you but will love reading along.
    Have fun!!!
    LOVE the list by the way.

  9. I love your list! Good luck! I will join in when I can. x

  10. This is a good list. I think I might steal stuff from your list and do something similar.

  11. Love to join in! Thanks for the inspiration

  12. Rightio - I'm totally going to do this!! Love that today's is nice and easy. Will do once the kids are in bed!! Great list, hope I can do it, will be good for my writing/time management skills! Emily :)

  13. Love the list!! I'm tempted. I just don't know if I have the time. Eeek ...

  14. Great list. Emily from Have a Laugh on Me shared and now I'm tempted... perhaps inspired. A blog a day? I only manage a few a month... I think I can. I think I can...

  15. I just wrote 100 words on topic one, but not sure how I'd go the whole month through. Seriously doubting anyone would want to read 31 days straight of me. But go girl.

  16. Good luck! I'm in the process of moving my blog over to wordpress so I won't join in as I have enough going on, but sounds great x

  17. Ok , you sucked me right in. I missed the memo about white shirt day , well done to you.

  18. Good luck Claire! There's no way I could blog everyday but will join in with a few of the prompts if that's okay. May is busy for me as I'm doing another writing course so my days will be full of lots of writing with that and completing the second draft of my novel. Looking forward to reading as many of yours and others' posts during the month though :)

  19. That's a really good list of topics to help keep up our blogging mojos! Thanks for sharing!


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