Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 17: Family, family everywhere but not a photo to share.

How was your long weekend? Two of them in a row makes for pretty good times and we were spoilt with special family visits.

I sent MiL Huey and my own Mum to Mrs Brown's Boys through the week, they did dinner, the show and then a sleep over at our place.

Mr H, Popps and MiL Huey attended the local dawn service for ANZAC day.

Once my Mum left on Friday we took a drive out to Woodend, ordered a platter of snacks for lunch at a local pub and then burnt off some energy at the park. It's an excellent playground and if you haven't been before, you should certainly make Woodend a day trip. Lovely shops, good food, decent park. Win, win, win!

Saturday arrived and so did Mr H's brother who now lives overseas so we were all excited to see him and hear all the news of his family.

Mr H slow cooked a leg of lamb, I got to work on the three cheese sauce for the cauliflower and broccoli, we added green beans, sweet potato, mushrooms, and roast spuds and shared the basics of home cooking. After dinner the girls watched a movie and us grown ups shared all the good wine we could find in the house, which wasn't quite enough, so I poured us all a Midori too. There was much laughter and just a little slurring of words.

Amazingly, we all woke reasonably ok today. Until I took a slip on the stairs at our back door and ended up tits up and sprawled across the back cement tiles. I am now nursing bruises and an elbow cut that I expect will heal quickly.

As for a family photo - I got a couple, but they are not for sharing publicly, my extended family prefer to remain away from the bloggy, which is totally understandable.

We finished the weekend with me throwing together the left over veggies from the fridge to make Wombok and bacon fritters, which actually tasted fantastic, they could even become a regular Sunday night thing here.

How was your weekend? 
Are you well? 
Do you ever make up recipes just to use up ingredients in the fridge?


  1. My weekend was great. Running club started for the season and it was nice to get an run (after being sick).
    I use to make up recipes to use what was left in the fridge, but I still found it wasteful. I meal plan now, and based my meals on the things I buy. there are some things that are always staples in our house, like lettuce, cabbage, carrot, broc. We have them everyday without fail.

    1. I think about meal planning a lot. I know I should do it, I know it will save us financially and be better health wise, there is no reason not to meal plan...yet still I never seem to get it right.

  2. Your weekend sounds so lovely. Mine was good, non eventful though, full of domestics.
    Here is my link up for #MyFamilyandMe -

  3. It's always nice to catch up with family on long weekends, sounds like you had a great time. The long weekend absolutely flew for us, as did the whole of the school holidays! I've been so hopeless with the #my family and me project, I really need to get back on the horse :)


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