Thursday, April 24, 2014

ANZAC Biscuits with Ginger

This week I posted a new recipe on my facebook page, ANZAC biscuits with ginger in them, when Meg suggested she was going to give them a try I asked if she could share with the rest of us what she thought of them.

Introducing Miss Meg and Little Sammy.

Hello lovely people out there,

Today Sammy and I took up Clairey Hewitt's challenge to make ANZAC biscuits with a twist, using Buderim Ginger!  What a fun, yummy, messy & experimental day we've had.

Our family loves a good ANZAC bikkie, so after reading the recipe featuring Buderim Ginger Naked Ginger how could I pass it up!  Especially because we live in Buderim, and my 3 boys seem to do the naked thing quite often!

I have a love/hate relationship with baking so it was an instant thumbs up for this recipe as it was simple and most of the ingredients were in my pantry, yayyy.  My little Sammy enjoyed 'helping' and very much enjoyed the frothing of the bicarb, golden syrup & hot water, "awesome" was his description!

I ended up making three batches, for three reasons. We ate most of the batter with the first batch, the ginger was subtle enough after using a garlic crusher that even ole' mate fussy pants said "Sammy like it".  The second batch was to make up for the first and the third was my chance to experiment!

With the last batch I cut back the butter to 100g and added 20ml of the Buderim Ginger cordial (I promise I'm not an employee!), which we had in our fridge. I also made them a fair bit bigger than the suggested size of a teaspoon full.  

If you like ginger, well hallelujah you will love this slight twist to the recipe provided.

All in all, I loved the taste of the ginger in the ANZAC's and would definitely suggest you give it a go.

Meg x

The original recipe can be found at the Buderim Ginger website 

Thanks Meg for taking the time to try these out, not just once, but THREE times. 

How do you like your ANZAC biscuits?


  1. I do like my ANZAC biscuits plain but I haven't tried them with anything else.

  2. Cute pics. I love ginger in lots of things, so I'm sure they are a winner.

  3. How awesome, I have a hate/hate relationship with baking, until I'm actually DOING it and then I wondered why I was so lazy not to do more of it! Ginger, such a natural healer too.


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