Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 16:

Last week the My Family and Me post didn't go live - well not on the blog it didn't, but I did post to Instagram and facebook and twitter but it was brought to my attention (hello Emma) that not all people use those platforms.

How was your Easter?

I did something new, something I usually prefer to steer clear of.

We camped.

Mainly I faux camped.

But on Saturday night, the Easter Bunny was coming and I didn't want to be snuggled up in my big bed at Mum's and miss the kids faces after Easter Bunny had been visiting the camp, so I found myself sleeping quite snug in a tent.

There was no mobile coverage and no power so Mr H and I both left our phones packed away and soon realised that without a phone we also have no camera.

When my sister arrived with her swanky new camera Mr H snatched it from her and drooled over how great it was, then he went snapping around the campsite. He even managed to snap a perfect My Family and Me shot for my collection, even though it seems I was the only one wanting to smile for the camera, everyone else was just having too much fun being together.

Welcome back Puffy Jacket weather! 

Link up if you have time. 


  1. I love your pic this week! I snapped some pics, I just need to find the time to upload them! Hopefully I'll do it tomorrow and then link up.

  2. Happy Easter! Good on you for braving the cold and camping with the kids, I'm not sure I'd be so brave!

  3. This is a milestone. Well done! I saw a post on Instagram and thought, heavens no, she would not be camping- must be a day trip! Glad to see I was wrong! Happy camping, so now to plan that around Australia camping adventure?


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