Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sovereign Hill in Pictures

Yesterday our family headed to Ballarat and joined my sister and her crew to check out Sovereign Hill. 

These school holidays Sovereign Hill is all dressed up to experience Christmas in July. They have gone to town and the best way to show it off is to stop talking and show you. 

Home made snow-dough in the Christmas craft area.

Gold Miners!

Lollies - made on site.
My favourites will always be raspberry drops. Of course I came home with a bag full of them.

Coach rides. There was also much patting of horses through out the place. 
Ten pin bowling without a machine in sight.

The best place for a hot pie on a winter day.

Christmas in July needs snow.

This stuff was great - just mix flour and shaving cream and you get fake play snow. 

Remember to look up, lots of the pretty is hanging above you.

I couldn't get a photo of the Red Hill mine tour however it is well worth a mention. It was certainly a highlight of the day for me and one thing I would suggest you don't miss out on seeing.

The Christmas in July theme is running for the school holidays and is well worth adding to the list of things to see. 

Disclaimer: Thank you to Sovereign Hill for sending us a family pass. All other expenses we covered ourselves. I was under no obligation to blog about Sovereign Hill but I like to share the good stuff we find. 


  1. We took the boys to SH late last year and it was such a great experience for them! I saw the snow feature advertised but had no idea how it would actually work! So is it snowing in Main Street or all over SH? Your pics are fabulous xx

    1. Hi Josefa,

      It is just a small section of Main Street and of course it isn't really snow - more like a bubble of sorts - but the kids still really loved it and the adults all seemed to join in too. It goes every now and then to a schedule because the horses do not go through it and the carts etc all need to be stopped at that time.

  2. Great fun! We went to Sovereign Hill about five years ago, would love to go back. The kids loved it. And now the little ones would be old enough to appreciate it now too.

  3. That snow looks like so much fun! I loved Sovereign Hill as a kid, I can't wait to get down to Vic one day soon and take my little one.

  4. What a great school holiday idea!! I love Christmas in July. Much more a white Christmas than December!! How was the weekend. Wishes I had gone. You didn't miss me. I didn't think I'd have time to go. Kind of kicking myself now!! Xx

  5. WOW - I love doing Christmas in July - looks like you had an amazing time.
    Have the best day !

  6. Oh we didn't get to make decorations! There is always so many cool things to do at Sovereign Hill.

  7. Wow snow! I love that they did that for everyone. I've never seen snow. Now I have question - does it ever actaully snow in Ballarat?

  8. I've always wanted to go to Sovereign Hill, but it's a little bit far from our place :(
    Hopefully one day.
    Love the fake snow :)


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