Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marketing Case Studies: Right Now

What makes a great marketing campaign? This really depends on the actual aim of the campaign so there could be may answers to this question.

What makes a great marketing campaign to me?  It would have to be campaigns that are creative and connecting. The type that I don't want to switch away from. They also need to deliver what they have told me they are offering.

Right now I love  THANK YOU.

Thank You is a group of people who I call DOERS. They do stuff. They don't get tied up in paperwork and red tape. They see things that need a solution and all get together to try and find one. This makes me feel good.

Then they turn this into something that I can be a part of just be buying something that I need and use. They are creative, they are connecting and they deliver. Watch this clip and see what you think.


Right now I am not loving Kogan Mobile.

Kogan Mobile offer excellent deals for your phone.

The company offers an easy online deal, sign up, pay your money, they send you a sim card and away you go.

SO EASY. No contracts. Keep your old phone number and great prices.

Except for when it isn't.

Mr H signed up, the sim card arrived very quickly and in to his phone it went.

And Nothing.

That was NINE days and many emails and phone calls ago. Do you know what it is like to not have your phone, text messages and smart phone toys for nine days. It's annoying. It also means Mr H has been using my phone to text people - also annoying.

The worst part is that we just don't know if it is every going to work. How long do you wait for before you give up and go elsewhere.

They are not creative, they are not connected and they are certainly not delivering.

(Also if you called Mr H and he didn't call you back, this is why).


Right now I am not sure what to say regarding #Royalbaby.

My inbox has been filling with press releases from every business that has a link to baby products. All of them have suggestions of what your little royal baby might be able to wear, do, be, have, try, read, swing in or poo in.  I do know what each of these businesses is doing. They are jumping on the glittering band wagon and hoping that a sale might become of their little flutter of 'being topical" for the customer. Mainly they are annoying the crap out of me.

Last night Kerri Sackville used Instagram using the hashtag #everydaybaby. Instantly my instagram timeline filled with photos of beautiful babies and smiling mummies. No #royalbaby but all just as important. There were many very cute babies in all sorts of poses. I am a joiner, so join in is what I did.

So here is me joining in:

Someone give this baby a hat! My #everydaybabyneeded a little help to arrive alive. Once again, i am a late joiner to the party.

#everydaybaby was a project that reached thousands of people, it was creative and it was fun. It wasn't selling anything, which made it even better.

Is there anything that you have seen lately that was Creative, Connected and also Delivered what you expected?

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