Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Half Way

Last night Popps ate an entire plate of wombok cabbage salad. It was as big as her head.

Being her half birthday she got to choose what we had for dinner and what cake we would have for dessert. 

We love celebrating half birthdays in the Huey house, they are fun and something to look forward to. 

Kids don't always get to make decisions, but on your half birthday in our house your gift is that you get to decide lots of things for the day. You get to decide what we have for dinner, you decide where Mum buys the cake from and you decide what we watch on TV before your bed time. You get to decide which school uniform you will wear - sports uniform when Mum wants you to wear your winter pinafore for example.

Popps requested her current favourite meal for dinner to celebrate her half birthday this year. Wombok Cabbage Salad. And that is what she got. An entire plate filled with cabbage salad.

We also had a pasta as the rest of us were not so keen to only eat wombok. 

Together the girls made special place mats to decorate the table and used the left over party supplies from their birthdays 6 months ago - including the paper plates for our dessert, an excellent choice considering I was left with the washing up.

For your half birthday, the cake is bought from the supermarket so your choice is limited but when you are seven that is still exciting and we feasted on mud cake that required me to do nothing other than slice it up. Like usual the kids ate the icing off the top and that was it.

TV before bed was Prank Patrol, the funniest show out if you are seven. 

If it's your half birthday you also get to decide if you can be bothered having a shower or not and push for a later bedtime. 

Turning 'a half' also means you are getting closer to your real birthday and you can start thinking about it, so tonight we have heard all the options that the little Misses would like to do in six months time. It will be interesting to see how many times that changes, but if history repeats, Popps will not budge from now until then and have her entire party well planned by October.

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. I love this half-birthday idea! Because the boys are mid-year babies, their half-birthdays fall just before and after Christmas day. So, they celebrate their half birthdays in the best style ever!

    I also love that fact that Popps loves wombok salad. She rocks! (We love Prank Patrol here too)!

  2. Our kids must share a birthday! I forgot until this morning but I love this idea and think I might just have to adopt it here too...

    How fabulous that she likes wombok salad and supermarket mud cake is all sorts of awesome! Happy half birthday Popps!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! It is it is fabulous and such a great way to celebrate being family and birthdays all in one go xx

  4. A half birthday is a great idea ☺ Although in our house, with five of us, birthdays spread out and the birthday week which ends up lasting for longer than a week, I think it would be too much.

  5. What a fabulous idea my girls would love this! Happy half birthday Popps!

  6. What a gorgeous idea Claire, big happy half birthday, Popps!
    Prank Patrol is definitely the go in our house too :)

  7. Wow that is just such a novel idea Claire!! Found you via IBOT! Emily

  8. I LOVE this idea. I want a half birthday for me :) x

  9. I love half birthday's, but boatman has never been keen on them. It hurts my feelings ;)


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