Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Birthday, Four Cakes.

Last week I had another thirty something birthday. A birthday that was filled with cake.

I know everyone gets cake on their birthday, well maybe not all those people who quit sugar or add "clean eating" to every meal they post a picture of, but in our house we like to have cake for celebrations.

Mr H asked me what kind of cake I would like and I suggested that red velvet muffins would be perfect. They don't require tricky decoration, just baking.

He is a smart man and delegated the task to one of the best bakers we know, so at dinner on the Saturday night we had Red Velvet Cakes for dessert.

As part of my birthday gift my friend also gave me a huge big banana loaf, to be sliced and toasted for my birthday breakfast the next day. Of course I am well aware that banana loaf toast is the cheats way of really eating cake for breakfast and I am all for it, so I am happy to say, it was cake for breakkie.

My sister in law was hosting lunch for my birthday with all of Mr H's family. It was here that FiL Huey produced the dessert for lunch, my very very very favourite cake ever. His STICKY DATE PUDDING with CARAMEL sauce and DOUBLE CREAM. Caps are required here. This cake is amazing.

FiL Huey likes to tell me the recipe and discuss how the cake really isn't that difficult to make. I am not interested in this recipe, he makes it so well that I never want to try it and muck it up. The baking of this cake is like a gift to me, that someone would make it for me means a lot, and make it to such a fine standard. It's a birthday present all rolled in to my tummy.

With the kids playing so well we stayed on for tea time where an amazing flourless orange cake with home made candied orange on top was served and happy birthday sang once again. It would have been totally rude to decline a slice.

In 24 hours I had eaten cake four times and left both places with leftover cake for the next day and somethings I am not very good at sharing.


  1. Four cakes, what a fabulous way to celebrate! Cake makes me truly happy, I never feel guilty about indulging in beautiful cake.

  2. Who says that a mans's way to his heart is through his stomach. What's good for the goose... sounds like you've been utterly spoilt! Well done on the sticky date. It must have been ESP, but I ate sticky date pudding last night. It was amaze balls (I never use that word - but totally necessary when describing sticky date! Happy birthday. Enjoy not sharing!! X

  3. Mouth watering here, even if it is after midnight! And happy belated birthday :)

  4. Birthdays should just be about cake. NOt about getting older. Just the cake!

  5. Happy birthday. And yes, birthdays are for cake. Love that your friend made you cake for a present.


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