Friday, June 28, 2013

Good Luck Mr Ho

There is one lone man and his sheep, Baa.

Image from THE AGE Online

They cause no pain to anyone, they don't attack people and they are not intimidating.

But Baa the sheep and Mr Ho seem to be hanging in the wrong 'hood. Because Baa is a sheep, he is not welcome in this town.

Mr Ho could get himself a yelping dog, he could have a boxer that makes people feel uncomfortable, he could have a cat that kills all the native bird life, he could have a rabbit that if it got loose would breed like...well, bunnies.

I would love to have a pet lamb. The idea is not that odd. Our family are farmers, sheep farmers, sometimes they have abandoned lambs that need feeding and care and a warm space, if we didn't have a dog we could have a lamby baa. If you have ever had a pet lamb you know that they soon decide they are people too and they can be wonderful pets, sheep are great fun for kids and take care of the lawn while having poo that can be used on the veggie garden - not like dogs and cats!

Lots of people have chooks in their back yard, kept in little pens and hutches, no one is saying chooks are for out of towners only. Others keep snakes and even turtles, as far as I know no snake wants to exist inside a glass box, but people are still allowed to keep them.

Mr Ho is heading to the High Court. Fighting the lonely fight against bigger groups and so far has costs against him over $200,000. Not a lawyer in sight, they don't believe in him, or Baa, or the right to be able to have a loved pet at your house.

As far as I know the welfare of Baa is not being questioned.

In people years Baa is already geriatric, old sheep generally have bad dental issues so I wonder if Baa would even cope out 'in the wild' of a paddock. While Baa is probably not long for this world, Mr Ho is fighting the fight for people everywhere. Fighting for what he believes in, for what he thinks is fair and right.

In days where politics is filling our screens and papers and the nightly news is filled with horrible violence there are stories of Mr Ho and Baa.

Good Luck Mr Ho.


  1. Good on you, Mr Ho! A heartwarming post :) Poor blighter must really love that sheep! That's a lot of dosh. Go Mr Ho.

  2. Awww, I am cheering for Mr Ho and Baa. Sheep are awesome, I absolutely love their sheepy little faces. I hope Mr Ho gets to keep his friend.

  3. Miss 16 would love to have either a duck or a goat (on our tiny suburban block? I think not!) She'd probably get on well with Mr Ho and Baa.

  4. They were our words this morning..... I would have preferred a sheepie baa as a next door neighbour than the revolting dog that we were "blessed" with

  5. Sad isn't it. I hope sense prevails for Baa and Mr Ho.

  6. Haven't read this whole story, and it seems really odd that hseep are not allowed as pets. Weird. But not for me please... our old cat is almost more work than the kids at the moment. He's a poor old soul, arthritic, blind, deaf and a bit senile... but he makes me feel young at least.

  7. Are they still picking on him? This started years and years ago. Leave the poor man and his pet! Common sense will be extinct soon!


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