Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mr H gets some new threads.

This post is sponsored by Target.

Target Mens Clothing

1. Men's Onesie  2. Striped tee 3. Pocket tee  4. Riding Jersey 5. Business Shirt  6. Jeans  7. Work pants  8. Hoodie

Do you buy your partner clothes? Mr H would much prefer people to buy him his clothes. It saves him having to do the shopping, trying things on and making decisions. The only problem is, he is quite fussy with what he wants. It has to fit perfectly, not too long in the body, not too loose. The sleeves and neck on shirts should be perfect.

Luckily most of his fashion buying team are pretty good at choosing what works for him. He also has some favourite stores that make choosing for him much easier. Target was not usually one of them. I decided that if Target was good enough for the rest of the family surely it should be able to provide Mr H with some much needed new winter threads.

Take a look at the image above. There is one item that is NOT suitable but it made me laugh to even suggest it to him. Any guesses which garment I mean?


  1. Definitely the onesie! I giggled before even reading your post. "Surely Claire wouldn't buy Mr H a onesie", I thought. Good choices Claire. My husband wouldn't buy anything from target, but it's amazing what sneaks into his wardrobe from there! X

  2. Az is the same. He loves me buying his clothes and he imagines that I am some style guru though I absolutely am not. I love that he thinks so, though ;)

  3. No onesies for adults! The other stuff looks good :)

  4. hehe!! You've got to love a man in a onesie! ;)

    Julian does all his own clothes shopping. And he'd shop for me if he had half a chance. I'm a terrible shopper.
    If we have a clothes shopping weekend in Melbourne, he finishes with 10 bags and I have none!

  5. Onesies for grown men are just so wrong, in fact onesies for grown women are so wrong also.


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