Monday, November 26, 2012

The Color Run: A guide for families

Yesterday we took part in the very first Color Run in the Southern Hemisphere. It was so much fun that I am pretty sure there will be many more happening around Australia.

I was pretty nervous about going, I wasn't really sure how it would be with the girls. I was also worried about it being a "Run" and me not being a runner.

If you are considering taking part in this event, don't think twice, just grab a ticket and do it quickly because 12,500 tickets sold out in Melbourne faster than it takes to cook two minute noodles.

I was concerned about:

1) My lack of fitness - this was certainly not a worry, it isn't really a run, it is completely just fun, most people walked or jogged but even if you are a serious runner this event is not timed, no one cares how fast you can do this track.

2) Paint getting into the eyes of the girls - We packed their swimming goggles and a little pair of sunglasses each and this was perfectly fine. Immy wore her goggles mainly, Popps swapped and changed.

3) Paint getting in their mouth and nose - I did pack bandana's (we had the CanTeen ones) but we didn't use them. I wouldn't bother with them again for the girls, but my good friend Lizzy wore hers to keep the paint out of her hair. Which is a good idea if you don't want paint on your scalp at work the next day.

4) The kids and the distance - Popps is 6 and had no trouble making the distance. Immy is three and never a fan of walking a long way. We pulled out the old Ergo and Mr H carried her about half way until she asked to be let down, Immy ran, danced, rolled and sang the rest of the way. There were a couple of people with prams, these were pretty annoying for other people and would have been really hard to push on the grass of the Flemington racetrack. Also, I would hate to be washing the paint dust out of a pram. Borrow a baby pack and leave the pram at home if you can. Also, as this isn't an event to rush through, little legs can easily run around for awhile and enjoy the space.

5) The afterparty - this is a teenagers heaven, great music, paint being thrown everywhere, prizes being thrown from the stage. My girls loved it and so did lots of other little people. It's a Sunday morning, people were all in a very happy and positive mood and the atmosphere was lovely.

In fact it was such a lovely mosh pit of colour and dance that Immy kept wanting to go in the middle, I was trying to keep her to the outside so she didn't get squashed when the host on stage asked if there were any kids under 12 who wanted to have a dance off. Up the stairs she ran and danced her little self in front of a few thousand people, then at the end of the dance off, she actually won. Hilarious, I now have a three year old with her own Sony Phone. She is pretty impressed with it.

There are food and drinks to buy but the lines were pretty long, by 12.30pm after being there from 7.30am we headed home, going via a bakery (the staff looked at us a bit strangely).

Hopefully we can do this again next year. If we can I will again include a small pack of travel wipes, two muesli bars, some goggles and the car keys. There is a water station half way if you get thirsty. That is really all you need - oh and make sure you are wearing as much white clothing as you can!

Disclaimer: I was there to trial the new Sony Xperia phone because it is water, dust and drop proof. These photos are all taken on the Sony Xperia, if you have any other phone I suggest putting it in a zip lock bag if you want to use it at the paint stations. I was not paid (or expected) to attend, to write about or to mention the event or the phone. My entry ticket and a Sony Xperia phone were gifted to me for taking part and sharing photos on Instagram and twitter for the day.

Disclamier Two: I do know how to spell Colour. This was originally an American event and the organisers are sticking with the American spelling.


  1. Looks like great fun..

  2. I watched these photos come through on Instagram and was a little jealous! It looks like SO much fun!!

  3. Looks awesome. We were planning on the Sydney event and it sold out so fast!

  4. We were there too and had an absolute blast, it was an awesome family event. The kids are already asking when the next Color Run is.

  5. Oh I loved your pictures of this event. I am definitely doing it next year! So glad you had a good time :)

  6. Oh gorgeous Claire, I could NOT love this post more. I'm thrilled you all had such fun. Big, squishy, smiley hugs to you all. xx

  7. the disclaimers, as always made me giggle. Sounds like you had an awesome day x

  8. so happy to see you guys do this! Maybe together next time xo


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