Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Christmas Birthday

Life is just too short to go missing out on birthdays.

On the weekend we didn't celebrate Mum's 60th and Dad wasn't here to celebrate his.

We will have a catch up at some stage to recognise Mum's birthday in some way and life will keep going on and with it bring the birthdays of the children which we will always celebrate.

Original Source unknown, let me know if this is yours.

I know the years are few when the girls will actually really want us to organise their parties for them. We are but a few moments from requests for sleep overs and movie parties where Mum and Dad are really just the extras hanging around in the background.

I have been trying to persuade Imogen to have a party away from home this year, anywhere really, anywhere that I didn't actually have to do anything, no set up, no pack up etc. Just arrive and go.

She was against every idea that I suggested and then a few days ago she walked into my room in the morning and straight out said, "Mum, I want a Christmas Party".

And now I am organising a four year olds birthday Christmas party.

Original Source unknown, please let me know if this is yours.

Usually the rule in our house is that the tree goes up after Immy's birthday, this year we can go early.  We can have the tinsel hanging and the baubles shining, the lights flashing and really all I need to do is provide sandwiches in the shape of Christmas trees and make up a cake that looks like Santa for a few little girls to tuck in to.

From Another Lunch

If you have not got yourself on to Pinterest yet (where have you been??) then you should, because you never really have to think again.  Check out my board it is where all these pretty pictures have come from.

I have been pinning up a frenzy. Don't look at this and think I am going to do any of these things, but the ideas are there.

From Another Lunch

Forget lolly bags, we can give take home bags of reindeer food!

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The party will be on a teeny tiny scale, just a few little kinder friends will join us, but as Dad said, "You only get one life, so get busy living" and as we all know, you really do only turn four once.

Have you ever had to organise a Christmas Birthday? 


  1. What a great idea! I am a December baby and I wish I had of thought of having a christmas party for myself when I was younger! Have fun xx

  2. Perfect idea! Wish we were there to help & then celebrate, sounds like wonderful fun. Your Dad was spot on with that saying. Love n hugs to you Cobs. Mx

  3. Now there's an idea!

    My youngest's birthday is today (party on saturday) and the oldest is turning TEN (not sure how that happened) in 13 days. We don't start Christmas until the day after his birthday - although he's mega excited that we've actually got a new Christmas tree and was deadset keep to bang it up this weekend!

  4. That's an awesome birthday theme but of course I would think that, my christmas decorations are already up!


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