Friday, November 23, 2012

My kids are not getting what they want for Christmas

Whaddya mean no iPad?

That's right, neither of them will be getting what they want simply because they are asking Santa for too much. 

Yesterday a lady in a shop asked Immy what she wanted for Christmas, her reply was fast and clear.

"Santa is bringing me an iPad and a Santa Hat".

There was much rolling of eyes and comments of 'kids today' from both of us. 

I then told Immy that Santa does not deliver electronic items to little girls. Her reply was very simple. 

"Well, he does to me." 

But it gets more tricky.

Popps has requested a real live baby. One she can look after herself and it will sleep in her room and she will look after ALL the time. She will dress it, feed it, rock it to sleep, walk it in a pram and provide everything it needs. She will no longer be able to go to school as she will be a Mum and get to stay home.

I have tried to explain to her that Santa makes his toys and that means that he doesn't provide pets or babies, plus he is not a woman and has no eggs in his tummy to allow babies to grow. 

With all the wisdom of being six years old she has told me that Santa is the only person in the world who can really perform miracles. If you write letters, send wishes, be good and ask with all your might then he will deliver. 

As much as I would like to see a miracle of some sort in 2013, this is not one of them.

What miracles are you hoping for next year?


  1. Oh the spirit of Christmas, alive and well I see...

  2. That's hilarious! Our request is a Buzz Light Year that talks - managed to find one of those.

  3. My boy has also requested Buzz Light Year. He already has one that talks and wants to give this to his 10 month old cousin for Christmas because she loves it so much.

  4. I just avoid letters to Santa. Makes it much easier!

  5. Oh sweet Jesus... This can only end in tears and suddenly the iPad doesn't seem so bad after all!
    My wish is that I will enjoy and appciate my 3 miracles and perhaps also find some me time too!

  6. Oh dear - my girls already have an iPad and a Santa hat. Spoilt brats much? As for a real live baby - snowballs chance in hell.


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