Thursday, November 22, 2012

Running for colour

It was a friend going that really made me decide I will do it, and Popps watching the YouTube video and begging to go to this crazy event which made me email Mr H at work and say "What do you think?"

Every time I watch the 90 seconds clip below I cry. I cry because it is people being good, having fun and living.

I cry because they are all there and they don't seem to know that the world has lost yet another amazing person.

Then I think maybe they are all there because they all lost their amazing person.

I always wonder who comes up with these ideas at the round table of ideas, does it go like this:  "Ok, so we will tell everyone to wear white and then we will throw paint colour at them for every km they run of the track and at the end we will just have a massive party throwing paint around and dancing to music...we will make them pay a big fee to be part of it and raise stacks of money." And all the executives nod their heads and mutter, yeah, it will be a sell out, we will do it around the whole world, it's going to be great!

Or maybe it is not the round table and the executives, maybe those types never really get anything done. Instead it is the brave and courageous that get an idea and just go and do it and it is so odd and ridiculous that everyone else wants to be a part of it, because really the world doesn't make much sense anyway.

Whatever it is, today I bought the girls white hats, pulled out back pack carrier for Immy to go in and checked the weather for Sunday morning because I am going to be heading to the Color Run.

I wonder if crying will make the colour run?

Another bloody disclaimer: My fee has been covered by a PR firm for this event, it was not my duty to write about it, I have another task that I will be completing on the day that does not require me blogging about the event either, but it is filling my thoughts and I write about my thoughts, thus it is here. This is not a sponsored post. Also, the event sold out ages ago so it doesn't need promoting.


  1. See you there! The whole Crash Family going too. It will be fun. Do I need to write a disclaimer as a commenter? ;)

  2. I'm big on colour right now. Love this.

    Sat in a hotel in Delhi yesterday and it hit me that Jim is not here anymore and I wept violently. Flew back and rang mum and Jim is still not here. How can this be?

    The colour run makes perfect sense. Hope it's good. Love to you Xxxxx

  3. What a beautiful concept. May your day and family be full of this splash of color today. Xxx


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