Saturday, February 11, 2012

New buzzwords are entering our house.

There is a new buzz word in town.

Suits love a new word to try and keep them young, cool and hip, (you will be familiar with some from the 80s and 90s like Yuppies, DINKS, SKIs and my most hated, pro-active). Kids make them up all the time.

After starting school this week Popps came home to ask me what 'random' means. I knew she didn't mean the traditional meaning. She means the way that her older peers say 'yeah, random'.

The latest buzz words around here are not so fun, or so cool, nor are they hip, but they do work for the hips.

All the organised Mums are talking about this thing called 'meal planning'. Ohh, I shudder at the thought of finding an hour to plan my meals. I know the benefits of time and cost etc, but right now, it just doesn't work for me.

So I have joined that other buzzword. 12wbt.

To those of you still not in the cool gang, that is the 12 week body transformation. The program that makes me use a MEAL PLAN. The program that says it is going to get me fit enough to run the Mothers Day classic, something that I have always thought would be great to do but beyond my cardio limits.

The problem with all this buzz word talking and joining is it is taking up quite a bit of my time. Six exercise sessions a week, shopping to a list and ensuring I have it all, printing out all the recipes (of course the ink ran out as I did) measuring out 1km for me to do the first fitness test, measuring my lard. To be honest, it is already rather exhausting and I am yet to actually get started.

Monday is the day of kick off.

While the list said to stock up on low fat ricotta, I have stocked up on deep heat and voltaren.

I may end up wearing buzzy leg warms at aerobics dance classes, anything could happen.

I expect to struggle to stay on this wagon. I am relying heavily on friends and twitter to keep me on and wondering what buzzwords I will have at the end of this 'journey'...sorry, just had to throw that last buzzword in, hope it didn't make you LOL....

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  1. Random has been haunting my ears for a few years now. It's like so random. Ugh.

    While I'm not on the 12wbt I can still be in the cheer squad. We want to look out best in our puffer jackets after all.

  2. Clairey

    I've written quite a bit about 12WBT in my diet blog.

    I had some success in my first round (May - Aug last year, losing 19kg) but find it all a bit over-the-top and cult-like in many ways - as it's grown bigger and bigger. But, there are many MANY people who are on their 4th, 5th + rounds... so lots of people LOVE it!


  3. Oh the word was 'rad' in my day, or 'totally rad', but yes, my children say random, right down to 'just waving at some random new girl'. Tee hee, enjoy the school ride, love Posie


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