Sunday, February 19, 2012

Limited head space

This headspace is a little prettier than mine. Image from here.

Does anyone else ever feel as though their head space is just about to burst. That you just don't have space for anymore thoughts to fit in?

Maybe not. Maybe it is just me these past few weeks.

I don't mean the usual

 "Must get milk, petrol light will be on soon, must respond to that email, can't forget to call and cancel that appointment, must make hair appointment, kids sheets need changing this weekend, Immy needs pants as the others are too small, must get to dance shop for Immy's tap shoes, wonder if there is meat in the freezer for dinner..."

Lately there have just been a bit more than normal. Popps isn't settling at school, teacher has asked to see me twice, there are have been melt downs about not wanting to go and her behaviour has at times been nothing like we have seen before. Managing this is taking up my head space.

Mr H is having some health issues, he is not good with illness, one of us needs to remain calm and carry on while test results and appointment times need to be waited upon. He also needs to de-brief about work more than usual,  I have never been a set of good ears for this. Am trying more lately but still more of my limited head space is filling up.

Immy, always so happy, is refusing to get out the door on creche days, screaming when I leave her after we finally get there, her carers are lovely and I am confident that we will get to the reason why, but I hate leaving my kids crying so fiercely while I walk away.

My desire to be fit and healthy and following a strict training and food plan take up even more head space, pre planning meals for everyone, making extra time for six training sessions a week, keeping up with work and learning the ropes of the school system.

I have brain fatigue.

Anyone else? Ever? Please just pretend you do.

But also, while I remember, I do have good news.

The winners of my Careers Mums giveaway have been decided upon, come on down....or over or up...and send me your details please...

 - Natalie - for her great story about the Ostrich Farm

and because @Altait is a big softie she is also awarding one to:

Tam - who is thinking of heading back to the land of physiotherapy.

And if you lucked out here - chances are good in my other giveaway running this week - a personal chef to fill the freezer.


  1. I hear you, there is not enough room in my head. I hope things settle down for you all soon.

  2. This happens to me at work, of course in the middle of one crises or another... isn't that always the way?
    I have no doubt it'll happen to me when I have kids, too

  3. Brain is full. Stuff is falling out.

    You've just described some big bits of my life as well. Bloke is unwell (and complaining a lot - I ran out of sympathy last Monday, and he's still not well); he's also having job issues. Those, there's nowt *he* can do, so on the surface he's dealing ok...but add that to being unwell, and it's been tense.

    I've effectively had to give the Small Boy's teacher permission to make him cry if he has to, but never ever let him even think he's won. That makes me feel way awesome, I tell you. The Big Kid is suffering from being Scott No Mates for the first time, as he's had no friends come across into his new grade this year. He has mates. He's at a play date with one right now. But he's still - angsty.

    To top that off, work is insane, and I don't have the energy for everyone else's dramas. Or shopping. Or tidying up after them all...

    So yeah, totally feel your pain. Even though I know that it will all come together in the end... sooner would be preferable to later, hey?

    Desert island, couch, no mobile phones, unlimited beverages of choice, chocolate, healthy meals presented at appropriate intervals - see you there!

    1. I like the meals presented to us bit very very much.

  4. Its so hard to turn off sometimes...that picture is great my head is a tangled overgrown garden at the mo...but slowly getting weeded...deep breathe lov :)

  5. Not just you lovely! I have similar though not the same issues and my head is FAR too full of too much stuff. Financial worries galore, lack of constancy with my work, the fact Mr has had only one day off work since Christmas, health worries for my Mum and Grandma, bizarre behaviour from Bebito who tantrumed for 2 hours this afternoon. And I am glad I am not the only one who is not a good sounding board for the spouse to debrief about work.

    For what it's worth lovely, I have no doubt in my mind that you will find your way through the maze and come out the other side strong and in tact. Be as easy on yourself as you can. Xxxx

  6. Don't need to pretend. It's like that most days. Most weeks. This week has been crazy and I found myself so exhausted that I fell back to sleep at 8am until 10am and had no idea where I was when I woke up. Bless the Captain for allowing that sleep to happen. I have spent the rest of the day doing my best to be peaceful and restful and to let my body and brain try to re-sync. I have to find the balance, just not really sure how but I have a suspicion that it has something to do with me saying no to a few peripheral things. And also having a break from some of the unnecessary social media stuff like mindless facebookery and getting an early night instead! Anyway....waffling a bit now but always here to help you empty your head a bit if you need to xxx

  7. Yep! Limited headspace here? It frightens me. Ad if it doesn't get written down, I just don't remember it.

  8. At times it does feel like there is limited space in your head and like everything is about to pop out like a grape when it is squished but hang in there - things will improve. Make lists - lots of lists - make a priority lists of things that just HAVE to be done, then make another list of things to get to when you get time. Seriously look at your priority list and move things off there if at all possible so that you have time to deal with the issues your children are having. I know it is so hard at times - sending lots of love, hugs and positive energy.

  9. Oh yes, my head space is limited. Though, I don't have so much on my plate, so that doesn't bode well for when we start dealing with school and all that comes with it. A lot of the time I feel a bit like I am losing my mind, I can't remember anything, ever. It's ridiculous.
    You're so not alone. I hope you're able to find ways to effectively deal with everything you have going on. Thinking of you x

  10. Oh yes! I feel like that ALL the time. Doesn't help either that I'm no good at switching off and relaxing. I reckon a few minutes a day in a meditative kind of state would help us all, but it feels like there isn't time for that either. I do try and stare blankly on occasion at the sky which brings a few things into perspective. Anyway, you're definitely not alone.

  11. Does anyone else ever feel as though their head space is just about to burst. That you just don't have space for anymore thoughts to fit in?

    ..... Ah yep! Totally get it. x


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