Thursday, February 23, 2012

I am going to be in the Movies.

I found this image on a blog post about backyard movie nights here.

Not really.

I wanted to play around with a stack of those little video clips that we have on our phones these days.

I wanted to actually try and file them in some way so that I could find them in  a few years time, or even, you know, watch them, have an old style slide night in the backyard (complete with white sheet hanging on the clothes line) with all the 30 second clips that are dumped on the computer. Somewhere.

I have no idea how to use the iMovie feature on the computer.

No idea what program I should use or where to start.

I even considered finding the cords to the real video camera, the one we just had to have apparently, the same one that has barely come out of the box.

It hasn't worked out so I am off to find a solution and to add this task to my things to do in 2012.

How do you arrange your video clips these days? And if you have a backyard like the one above, can I please come over, I shall bring the wine.


  1. That back yard looks awesome. If someone puts up their hand, let me know. I'll bring the cheese!

    I have no clue about video clips, this is also on my 'must learn' list.

  2. Yep, no clue..dont do videos...but I'll bring the pear and crackers to go with Lisa's cheese and your wine :)

  3. I keep my photos and videos in monthly photos - that way they're always easy for me to find, and easy to sync to my phone and iPad.

  4. Video Im still working out photos!!!


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