Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giveaway: $175 of meals cooked for you!

Pork Belly, chorizo and haricot beans. 

Next time you're putting money in to buy for a new baby, ask yourself if you would prefer a freezer full of home cooked meals or yet more plastic to fill the house for the baby.

If (may god strike me down) I was ever to have another baby I can tell you now what I would want.

As Sarah from Vivenda noticed in my about me page, I hate cooking, and she has the answer for kitchen failures like me.

A service that does the grocery shopping (phew) then arrives at your house and cooks up a very neat and tidy little storm, fills the freezer with the food you picked from the menu, then cleans up and takes off. And I mean really cleans, she cleans so well it was like we paid a professional to do that too.

What is not to like here? Umm well, it was all good for me.

Any spare groceries are left behind for you too, so choose your meals wisely and you could even sneak this into a glass, sit down, relax knowing you don't have to cook and pretend you are living the life of someone with a full time chef. Hey, I am all for pretend play.

Sarah suggests the meal packs serve 2 adults, but we certainly had enough for a family of four, (see image above) and we followed the suggestions written on the top to add some crusty bread too. This was quite essential as it prevented Mr H from licking the plate.

The deal for this is $175 plus the food costs. This actually works out that we have nine nights worth of dinners, which could be considered pricey, but consider that every Friday we have takeaway after I have been working, often it is unhealthy fish and chips or pizza and it usually costs close to $50 once drinks are included. We now have Fridays covered for the next two months.

But this is not just all about me.

This is where you can also experience the fun.

Sarah is also offering one of my readers the chance to win this service for themselves.

You will need to be Melbourne based for this giveaway.

This is her spiel:

Vivenda offers a personalised pre-prepared meal service. They prepare the  meals for you and your family in your kitchen so the food truly is homemade. The meals are  tailor-made to your requirements; whether you have a preference for free range or organic or have specific intolerances; at a price that is not dissimilar to buying takeaway, but is a whole lot more wholesome. 
We are giving a lucky reader the opportunity to 
dip their toes into the Vivenda experience by partaking in a 
sample session valued at $175. The winner will be invited to choose 3 dishes from Vivenda's extensive selection and Sarah from Vivenda will prepare 6 serves of each in the lucky person's own kitchen. The session includes packaging, pantry items and grocery collection.

Now please note that part of this deal means you pay for the actual groceries yourself. I was more than happy to do this, as it is a cost that I would be needing to make anyway. The meals I chose meant the food costs came to $98. This would be less if you didn't have three meat dishes or choose cheaper meal options.

To enter just leave a comment telling me your favourite homemade dish that you would like to have cooked for you.

Fine print:
This will be open for the week.
Last comments 9pm Thursday 23 Feb.
Winner will be picked by Sarah, with the meal that fascinates her the most and announced a few days later (like when I get around to it). Judges decision is final.

For more about Vivenda, check out the Facebook page or website.


The winner of this competition, decided by Sarah from Vivenda is Melinda - who wins for being the most persistent and entertaining (and slightly stalkerish!) 

Melinda, Sarah will be contacting you asap, much faster than I was at getting this added up.

Happy eating, my fav is certainly the Pork Belly. (and I may have my porky belly still!)


  1. Today must be the day for food/recipe posts! I've lost count how many I have seen, and they've been making me hungry. But I do have a plan for tonight's dinner!

  2. As we head towards St Patrick's Day I would like Sarah to cook for me a Beef and Guinness Stew, to be served with a creamy Mash Potatoe. I am dreaming of a Mini Baileys Cheesecake for dessert. mmm!!

  3. My daughter has just moved to Melbourne and she would love this at the moment!!! She is just starting to cook for herself and partner. Never being out of home before she is struggling and this would be a blessing in disguise for a night. Beef Stroganoff is her favourite and when she makes it it doesnt quite taste like mums ♥

  4. I have many favorite dishes I like to cook (and eat!) I would like Sarah to cook something that my husband would love. Anything that does not contain potatoe, pumpkin, risotto, tomatoe, cucumber, quiche etc etc....

    he is so fussy, sometimes I go on strike and sometimes the evening meal almost ends up on his head!

  5. Hi Claire, Couldn't help but stick in my two cents worth... My top seller and one of my own favourites is Chicken, Leek & Pancetta Pie. Can't wait to cook for one of your lovely readers!

    1. Sarah, that Chicken, leek and Pancetta Pie sounds wonderfully delicious. I am sure that would be a dish my hubby would be licking his lips with happiness afterwards.. Mmmm

  6. Ok well I am entering again because I really would LOVE this prize.

    I would really love to have Sarah cook for me my favorite Moussaka. It's delicious and reminds me of time spent in Greece. My hubby loves a Korma Curry. And for the kids anything other than spaghetti bolagnese.

    Pick me, Pick me!!

  7. What a great giveaway!
    I would love to try the Pork, snakebean and peppercorn curry (mainly because I don't know what snake beans are but they sound interesting!)
    Although this curry might be a bit hot for them, I think introducing the kids to some new tastes is a good idea too but something I find difficult with work, life etc...!!

  8. Am I in some dreamland blog? This would have to be the best giveaway ever! I am soooooo over cooking dinner and would love a night off! My husband would be in heaven - he's a bit of gourmet food lover. He's a lovely man and eats what is put in front of him, but he's over the bland food that the kids like to eat. He'd choose the pork belly for sure! For me, I'd eat anything on that lovely menu as long as I could have a side of cauliflower cheese - my favourite!

  9. Ok so I am entering again just in case you missed my last two entries. I really would love this!

    I told my Mum about the Pork Belly Chorizo and Haricot Bean you have on your blog and she said...If I win she is coming for dinner everynight, as that sounded delicious! (And I didnt think she ate pork...she does now!)


  10. I would love for them to come and cook me green chicken curry! Totally love it and what a super awesome giveaway! N x

  11. Ok one last comment...

    Come on Sarah Pick Me!, Pick Me!... You would be welcome to cook me any dish. I love ALL food that I dont have to think about and cook! What a luxury having these dishes prepared for my family.

  12. Awesome! what a fantastic idea especially for first time mums and dads to come home from hospital with bub in that cloud of awe & wonder (+ a little bit of "holy crap, we have a baby, what do we do now" thrown in just for good measure). If I were fortunate enough to win this prize I would donate it to the most giving, loving woman I know who is just about to have her first babe - Lausy! With a hankering for South American food and Indian dishes I dare say one recipe that Sarah could make for the lovely Lausy would be the Moroccan chickpea and pumpkin stew... yummo! (hope I get invited to dinner that night!) xx


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