Friday, February 13, 2015

The Good Scissors

A house can run smoothly for days until the smallest of things begins to unravel.

Unravel is the word this week in more ways then one. Our new school transition has been going very well. The most difficult aspect so far has been the car parking, which seems to be common among all schools at pick up time and uniform.

In the past we had multiple options for uniform and it was super cheap so I had enough items to dress the entire class. This year the uniform is pricey. And must be strictly adhered to. Especially on photos day.  I have one outfit for each and that's it.

But on photo day there is one option only: Dresses, clean shoes, blazers. FOR ALL.

And so it was that moments before we were to leave for school Miss 9 tells me that when she was out with Dad last night her dress (Ok, so it is ridiculously oversized) got caught at tennis and the whole hem came down. Kind of funny really. One thread and whoosh, it all came loose. You can hear them giggling from here as they all watched it unravel.

With just two minutes to go I ran straight to the sewing box and started threading a needle.

When I noticed.


The one and only pair of scissors that must never be touched.

I had to use my teeth and sew like never before. Which is because I don't really sew, so there has not really ever been a before.

I returned from work this evening with the sewing box tipped all over the place where I had left it
and a child with a dress that had the hem up at the front, just, and hanging like a bad mullet hair cut at the back.

But the good scissors are still gone.

Praise the baby cheesus that tomorrow is sports day, for tomorrow I must go and buy this hemming tape that twitter tells me about.

And a new pair of good scissors.


  1. I have a pair of Good Scissors, just like mum did before me... Now, mum's rookie error was to have said Good Scissors (and they are always capitalised) low down where she could reach them, meaning they were immediately accessible to the offspring (namely my sister and me) and used for things they weren't meant for. I am of much larger stock, have the Good Scissors in my sewing box which is not only on a top shelf, but has just enough stuff sitting on top of it that the man of the house won't attempt to get it down for fear of stuff falling on his head and the kids can't reach. He accuses me of being messy, and doesn't realise it's a cunning ploy on my part to keep the Good Scissors out of reach of chaps who will use them to cut things.

    1. This is a very fine strategy! I thought mine were hidden away enough, but I shall now add clutter and mess around them too (easy for me to do!)

  2. So funny, mum used to have good scissors, sadly we don't but that says something about my craft and sewing skills, or lack of!

  3. Oh goodness! I had my sewing box out on the weekend. I'm still finding bits of special ribbon in the girls' rooms that were sampled while I wasn't watching! I don't have a pair of good scissors yet though. Suspect that's because I'm not yet an adult!

    Good luck with the hemming tape! xx

  4. I have a good pair of scissors which my daughter used to trim the silky terrier. Not impressed.

  5. Hemming tape is a God send and has saved my grass on many occasion. I have been forced to hide my good scissors after catching them cutting plastic bottles with them. Gah xx


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