Monday, February 9, 2015

On our Kids' Bookshelf: Feb 2015

How was your summer reading. You won't believe what I read.

I had a list of things I wanted to get through, a book club book to get stuck into. But I didn't read a single book. Not one.

I read lots of magazines. Old ones, new ones, good ones and bad ones. Frankie is my favourite these days. I just love it. Not the fashions though, they are so so alternate that I just don't quite 'get' it.

The kids have done the opposite and read ALL the books in the house. I can't keep up with the book requirements so I was super thankful for all the books that came our way as gifts this summer.

Arabella's top pick for Summer 15:

Don't Look Now - Paul Jennings Books 1-4.

I have read the first one. They are not bad. Funny, fast, interesting, entertaining.

These books would suit any level of reading for lower/middle primary school. The text is minimal on each page so readers needing extra support with their reading will not feel overwhelmed. Established readers will enjoy the comic style of the books and the funny tone.

The basic story is that Ricky is a kid with special powers. He can fly, but only if no one is looking. If anyone (including animals) looks at him while he is flying, he will fall to the ground and die. This causes lots of problems for Ricky. Think about it. Imagine you can fly and save people, but not if someone else is watching... so many dilemmas.

There are currently four books. All as good as each other.

Immy's Choice: Beginning Readers

The Big Book of Billie B Brown.

Billie is not new to our house, she has been around for a few years now. Billie B Brown is a great choice for little people just getting the hang of reading more words on a page.

There is a huge sense of achievement in a little person finishing their very first chapter book with no help. The Billie B Brown books allow newly independent readers to do this.

Immy has been happily reading the Big Book of Billie which is 12 books in one large volume.

Be warned, don't bother buying both The Big book of Billie One and Two, the second big book has about 8 of the same stories and is not a good deal. Just buy the books you might like to read.

Immy has also been reading Ella and Olivia and is keen to get a few more, I will be adding them to our library book list.

Have your kids been reading anything new this summer?


  1. 'Tom Gates' series and Big Nate - well I shouldn't say more appealing to boys. I bought Alice Miranda books for my friends daughters.
    Unlike toys there are boys books and girl books I think in some BOOKcases (pun intended)

  2. Bille B. is always a favourite around here. I'm always on the lookout for others too - keeping up with A's reading and keeping her interested in books is always high on the agenda! Thanks for the Jennings ideas :)

  3. Our kids love going to the library.
    Miles loves getting comics.
    Kayla loves the rainbow magic series.
    Currently at our library though they have a lucky dip. The only rule is you have to give it a go.
    The kids ended up with a cool 'kid's non fiction book on dinosaurs and one of whales.
    Me I got a book on war, and it's so unappealing to me, it's taken me forever to read simply for the fact that I don't want to read it. but rules are rules.


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