Monday, February 23, 2015

It's handy having smalls

Half a decade ago when I started this blog it was to teach myself exactly what everyone was talking about. There were no courses telling you how to blog and what to do so I just taught myself.

Lately I have been using video much more at work and as I start to use it more and more and as I get even more ideas I feel restricted by having to rely on the skills of other people to get the work completed. I never like to feel reliant on other people actually getting the job done for me.

This week after school Immy came home all excited about her news of the day. Well, she said, "today, my teacher made an iMovie, AND, it actually wasn't too bad for a grown up." 

Because grown ups apparently just don't really know how to do these things. I don't think there was anything I knew when I was 6 that my parents didn't know. Except for where I hid all my sisters Little Blossom make up and got her in trouble for being so wasteful.

Miss 9 loves spending the afternoon dressing up, concocting a story, filming and editing her plays. Her friends get little choice most of the time and find themselves characters in her stories. When we go camping, or driving or out for dinner she likes to whip up a little movie along the way.

They both use the ready made templates a lot but also do their own thing. Immy loves to incorporate other apps, Little Moments and WordSwag are two of her favourites at the moment and they are really wonderful for teaching her spelling and writing skills. 

Which means the smalls are coming in very handy this weekend as I get them to show me the ropes of iMovie. Who knows, my skills might get so good that one day I might give up writing altogether and just upload videos. (Or not, but somedays I do think a highlights movie reel of the day would be fantastic). 

How are your iMovie skills? Have your smalls been teaching you anything useful lately?


  1. I have no skills what-so-ever in that department but I do need to get with the program! And at just 9 your girl is already in the zone, such a good thing to get started in.

  2. IMovie is awesome and I love that your kids are showing you the way. Kids are so clever. x


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