Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mums at the Movies

A good friend suggested we take advantage of both our kids now being at school AND us having a day off work at the same time to book in a fortnightly movie date.


The cinema's are empty, there are no crowds, and because the kids are at school you can see whatever you want...not something rated PG.

Today we went to see The Imitation Game. Splendid. What a movie. Such a gem of a film. I really do love stories about real people who have kept going when everyone else doubted them. People who have believed in themselves when others did everything in their power to bully them, to stop them, to belittle them.

The Imitation Game tells the story of a man who I should have known about. A man who really did change the world but did it behind the scenes and quietly. He wanted so little, just to be left to work, to use his brilliant mind, but that was not to be. Humans are stupid and it is stories from our history that we need to be told about to remind us of how stupid we can be.

The Imitation Game is a story that has been hidden for over fifty years, but the details are now out and you won't regret going to see this movie or reading the book about Alan Turing.

I am sure the movie stretches the truth and is creative with many things, but the underlying story is there, and for me is was a fascinating introduction to a mind capable of so much, in a person that just doesn't 'fit' into 'normal'.

And if you are reading this on any form of computer (which you are unless someone printed it out for you) then you have Alan Turing to thank for it. It was him who invented the thinking machine, the idea of a digital mind, the computer.  Imagine that. Imagine having a mind so special that the work you did won a war and then you invented the machine to start changing the world everywhere.



  1. I loved this film so much and what a powerful story. I'm quite jealous of your fortnightly movie date! Such a good idea. x

  2. This movie is on my "Movie Bucket List" ...but knowing me I won't get a chance to see it until it makes it to DVD. I might have to suggest your great "movie date" idea to a friend of mine...this idea has great potential!!

  3. Oh I desperately want to see this movie, but I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD. That fortnightly movie idea is fantastic. I'm green with jealousy :)

    1. Grab a cup of tea and a tim tam before it starts, it's a long one, but so good you won't even notice.

  4. I can't wait to see this. Yay for seeing a movie at the movies!!

  5. A fortnightly movie date, what a lovely idea! I'll have to wait for the DVD too but looking forward to seeing this one.

  6. This is on my 'must see' list. It's a fascinating story - even if there's a bit of poetic licence involved. I hardly ever see movies at the movies at the moment and I miss it. We can all watch whatever we like, when we like now online but there's still something special about making an occasion of it!

  7. Ooh, a movie date with a girlfriend is a brilliant idea. Hubby and I have no interest in watching the same films. I'm dying to see Imitation Game. I used to work at the Imperial War Museum and the Bletchley Park stuff was always the most interesting x


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