Friday, April 6, 2012

Ivy's Virtual Hat Parade - Get Crafty!

I took this image straight from Ivy's Mums blog.

I have written before about the amazing Ivy.

The last weeks have been rather horrid for Ivy and she has been stuck in hospital fighting very hard.

For a little girl, stuck in hospital means you miss out on lots of things, but one of the things Ivy was sad to miss was her school Easter Hat parade.

So it is Internet to the Rescue.

Today until Sunday, it would be great if you, and your kids could get crafty and upload your Easter Hat pics on to Ivy's Mums facebook page.

There is no catch, no conditions, just upload your pics and we can have a virtual parade.

Ivy is the judge of the best Easter Hat and she will announce her winner on the facebook page on Easter Sunday.

The winner may receive many virtual cheers, the honour of being chosen and possibly a virtual certificate of winning from Ivy, if she is well enough to draw it up.

So get your crafternoon going people.

The more people who join in the better so if you are a blogger or social media person, feel free to write/share the idea around too.

You can read about Ivy's story on her Mums blog My Three Ring Circus


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