Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fixing things that go kabung.

Mr Smeg has long been a disaster here but recently the Rangehood extractor fan thingo also went kabung.

Mr H pulled it apart and confirmed he had no idea what was wrong with it.

We would need an electrician and the spare parts from Mr Smeg, but we didn't really want to spend money on that.

The front loader washing machine, my favourite piece of equipment, (washer/dryer combo, self timer, a wash that sterilises things at 90 degrees and also a steamer to save taking clothes to the dry cleaner) well, she is leaking from the front door, this is not good news.

As for the stuffed up dishwasher from Fisher and Paykel, which has already been paid for once in the last 12 months to be to fixed, well it is stuffed again. Works some days, others it wont, so it is pretty much on 24 hours a day, deciding when to start and stop itself, including the moment it started up while I had my head in it - Apparently this was pretty funny for those brave enough to laugh at the time.

But if we can save a penny than Mr H will try and fix things himself. Not always a good thing.

Last night when I got home from work I thought Mr Smeg had been around to fix the rangehood.

But no, Mr H worked it out.

We had to turn on this switch. Hey Presto, the Rangehood works.

Which surely means we can now use those funds to fork out for this? Right? 

The dishwasher and that sink would be great.


  1. Don't you hate it when you have to keep paying for things that are supposed to help make life easier for you ???

    We recently had to buy a new dishwasher but given that ours was about 14 years old, I really didn't feel too bad about it. We got an LG and are very happy with it.

    Hope things are fixed soon for you !

    Love, hugs and positive energy.

    PS - sorry I had to laugh at the dishwasher going on while your head was inside (at least I wasn't laughing while it actually happened but only after the fact !!!) :)

  2. Once not so long ago our ceiling fan stopped working. I called the company and they arranged someone to come out and take a look at it. There was quite a wait and I was working at the time and had to stay home. The fix-it man came and discovered the problem. The remote needed a new battery...

  3. Such a pretty dishwasher, hello!!
    My husband can fix anything & everything, he was that child who pulled apart watches & clocks, anything mechanical as a child & tried a few apprenticeships before joining the Army, so he's pretty handy, only not often around. Also we live in an Army rental so the few things which do go wrong, are fixed by Defence Housing. Our dishwasher sprung a leak, thankfully it was only the hose - it's 6 years old & never EVER given us a problem, Simpson, basic range, love it, failsafe. I have loathed every oven we've ever had, all cheap rental property types, i long for a fancy one in our future home, my siblings all have Ilve & rate them very highly. Love Posie

  4. Why is it that everything chooses to go on the blink at the same time! Always! I too love my washer/dryer combo in one and would be lost without it, I hope it is fixed soon, and the dishwasher.
    My Hubby likes to think he can fix everything, so he pulls it apart and that's how it stays for way too long gathering dust. Drives me insane, so I often don't tell him and wait til my Dad visits and get him to fix them, he has a knack for being able to pull most things apart and fix them.

  5. Your washer dryer combo sounds great, oh apart from the leak :( If things break around here it is up to me to fix them or call for repairs. No way I'm letting dearest husband near them!


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