Friday, January 20, 2012

Marketing Case Study Time: Customer Service - The Quick and the Ugly

Every now and then I like to share my views on brands and products that have 'got it' or that haven't.

The Quick:

Safe N Sound

I never hide our issues of over protecting the Little Hueys. We see no reason not to protect them from injury when we can.

Our preferred car seat of choice has always been safe n sound and even more so the Maxi Rider AHR.

Imogen is currently in the AHR (Active Head Restraint) Maxi Rider and will be in this for at least another four years.

She started complaining a lot about her seat before Christmas, asking for us not to do the buckle up, that it scratched her leg and hurt her. Upon closer inspection there was a tiny little pinhead size section of the webbing that had a pointy end on it, the section where they seal it so that the webbing won’t fray.  I decided to call and ask Safe N Sound what they suggested for this, could I just fix it some way.

The iGeneration

They answered the phone instantly.

The person who answered could fix the problem.

The next day the new part arrived in the mail and was placed into the seat.

In less than 24 hours my problem was solved, all at no cost to me.

Immy was very happy to be buckled in again.

The Ugly:

I don't name the Ugly ones.

I recently got all nostalgic about a toy. Do you remember this tree from the 70s?

As soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be under the tree for Christmas.

I ordered it on an infant website and paid the not so small price for it, plus postage.

When it arrived at its destination it was looking so shabby that I was asked if I got it second hand from ebay!

Australia Post had clearly tried to assist the package by taping it up some more with orange tape and stickers that say Australia Post has been here. Thankfully all the pieces where there but the box was not going to cut it as a gift for Christmas.

I contacted the company I bought it from to tell them that while I would be keeping the product, the state it arrived in meant it was lucky it arrived at all.

That was a month ago. Expect I wont be hearing from them anytime soon. Nor buying anything from them again, in case it got the same treatment.

On top of that, the actual product is pretty shabby. Cheap plastic that doesn’t really fit together properly, the little people fall into the bottom of the tree under the lift and you need to get the screw driver from the mess that is the third drawer down, unscrew the whole thing, get them out and put it back together again.  I don’t recall it being so cheap looking back in my day. Not the companies fault who I purchased from I know, but just in case you were thinking of getting one - try ebay first.

Have you had some good/bad customer service lately?

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  1. I had that treehouse too. I loved it.
    Safe n Sound sounds like they educate and empower employees. The only way to run a thriving business x (if you ask me)

  2. Oh my, I SO wanted that treehouse as a kid!
    Bought a couple of water bottles online recently from Haggus & Stookles. One bottle had a strange slow leak around the base. The company were fantastic - I returned it postage free and it was replaced promptly. The second bottle was a Stephen Joseph bottle, which my friend's two year old somehow broke the cap off (none of the 3 or 4 year old playmates had managed it). I emailed the US company to ask where I could purchase a replacement lid - instead they arranged to send a replacement bottle free of charge. Awesome service as I did make it clear it wasn't a faulty item.
    Also have to mention Little Urby another great online kids store - one of the owners went to the bother of meeting me to deliver goods I purchased just to ensure I got them in time for Christmas, and at full-term pregnancy too. Wonderful service!

  3. Ok, i just posted about My Fruit on my blog, delicious boxes of fruit you order on line & with my super sore/ waiting for surgery wrists, cutting fruit from the market or supermarket shopping is saving my princess hands . . . they sent the first box out, only the delivery guy got 13 & 18 mixed up & i left a message saying it hadn't been delivered, then the neighbour brought it to my door. Watermelon a bit hot & smelly. Without any further contact TWO huge boxes of fruit appeared on my doorstep the next day, brilliant.
    Safe'n'Sound took care of my 4 children thank you very much, from 1999 onwards, actually my youngest is 8 now & after that many children in that many harnesses & car seats, you kind of want to throw the last one off a cliff, or politely share/ donate to someone who needs one.
    I didn't have the Tree Top House, but i coveted the neighbour's one, glorious, but sucks about your experience in this millenium, just lazy!! Love Posie


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