Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A face lift for me and some blogs for you.

My blog has had a facelift. Not a whole new look, but a freshen up, new side bars, some font changes and design stuff. Many of you wont even know what the old one looked like as you read in either email or RSS reader form, so pop over and take a look.

Lots are also new to my blog and some new to reading blogs altogether.

New blog readers often ask me which other blogs I read. The answer is stacks. I rarely check my google reader (which is like an online filing system or 'in tray' of all the latest posts on the blogs I follow) without there being over 100 new posts to read.

Yes, I do read nearly all of them. I scan many. Lots are just photos, some I see the posts are long and I just skip past them, others I never miss.

The never miss ones fascinate me, for one simple reason, they live a life I don't. They live just like me, but they do/are/be something more. They tell me about their lives and entertain me as they do.

I know my readers don't like too many links so here are just four blogs that you may find worth a look.

 4 Kids, 20 suitcases, and a beagle
Kirsty writes this blog, and as the heading tells you she has 4 kids, she also lives an expat life, but the countries keep changing. The four kids have all been born in different countries. The stories of their travels as a family are always entertaining, informative and all so new to me. Kirsty is also an actual writer so she can whip up a pretty good story. I learn stuff. I am hooked. The ex pat life sometimes seems so glam, other times, not so much!

Veggie Mama
I am not a vegetarian. Whenever we have vegetarian meals Mr H wears his grumpy face while it is being served. Regardless of his face, I like the menu ideas, the new options, seeing the foods that a real vegetarian eats (not the ones that say "I am vegetarian, but I do like shaved ham and cheese and bacon rolls still) Veggie Mama has Veggie baby, who has recently started solids so has a whole new area of blog posts to share too.

And then there were four.
Can you guess? Yep, four kids. But more than that. The writer of this blog is called Multiple Mum, she blogs about the family but also about her ways to try and live a more sustainable life. But not about compost and disposable nappies. I was most interested in her posts about 'Buy nothing for a year' a challenge she has just completed. Really, that is quite an effort. She also inspired me to at least think about the six items or less challenge - 6 items of clothing, 10 days - tough one!

And then I have

Mainly because she has a friggin fab house and I like to pinch her decorating ideas - not that I actually do, but in my head I think, yeah, that looks great, I could do that. Her yellow side table is still one of my favourites. She can also cook up a storm in the blink of an eye and I just like the eye candy of the food. She shares recipes if you are a baker. She also has two girls of similar age to me and sometimes I think she has been in my head when she writes about them. Her photography is also a bit of alright.

Go forth and click.


  1. Six items or less as well as buy nothing new terrify me!!! Great recommendations! Will be off exploring now.

  2. Thanks for the linky love :-) I hate to say it but Six items or less went for a whole month! 30 days! I reckon you should give it a try. You will be surprised! I rocked up at work 3 times a week in basically the same outfit and not a person even noticed x

  3. Thanks for these Claire, I'm new to blog reading and writing, so am loving meeting all you wonderful women. I've already discovered Veggie Mama (love her work), and look forward to the others.

  4. Nice digs Claire ;). Like your choice of blogs too. I need to give my reader a bit if a shake up. It's not working for me and is often neglected.

  5. That's why I like reading blogs too - I love learning about how others live their lives. And seeing what great people they are. :) Just like you x

  6. Love the new look Clairey, fresh. All on my blog list too. One of my favourite ways to relax is reading blogs and seeing what makes others tick. Must say though, I have whittled down recently to my few favs (still over 20) but growing again - just too many good blogs lol

  7. You are just too kind! Thanks for including me, I've gone all blushy. I do love your "new look"... but I'll always like anything you do :)

  8. Four of my favorites as well. Snaps for good taste x

  9. Love your "new look", Clairey. Those are some of my fav blogs too. I'd hate to find out how many blogs I follow in my Google reader!

  10. Hi Clairey I'm your newest follower (#282). Loving Katrina's magic - she's brilliant, isn't she? Looking forward to following your stories here! J x


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