Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Witches Ball Party

Months ago Popps returned from Kinder and asked me to download the Justine Clarke song "The Witches Ball".

I did, and from that moment on she has wanted to turn six with a Witches Ball Party.

The excellent, very talented Park Eden whipped up the invitations for me and the party preparations began.

I spent a few hours on Pinterest and cooking sites to see what I could come up with that I (the domestic goddess failure) would be able to handle on the day. I was rather stressed and sent many tweets to people for encouragement -- thank you all, you know who you are.

Popps chose the cake. It was actually pretty easy, but I say that after previously making the trampoline and the swimming pool and well, you know the echidna by now.

We decorated the house with basic streamers but put them in a spider web pattern and at Halloween time I stocked up on lots of little extra things to add to the house.

I pulled out the vases I got from the op shop for my eighties dinner party and sent Mr H and kids to the park to get some arrangements for them, they worked perfectly on the spooky food table. The front hallway was cleaned of the usual junk hats and creche bags to make way for spare costumes.

The easy food

Veggie Skeleton Man (and he was totally eaten).

Custom made cupcake holders for cakes with Chocolate Bat toppers

Ghostly Meringues

Spooky Cheese, suffocating under the gladdy.

For those that have not been to our house, we don't usually allow the cobwebs to get this bad. But we had this stuff all over the place to give a spooky feel.

Pass the spooky parcel, I found a beautiful picture book called The Ghost of Annabel Spoon, it was the perfect prize for this game.
Musical Statues turned into just dancing on the lawn, which actually started to look like a group of pint sized goths once the hats and brooms had been ditched in the hall.

I had also pre printed out some witchy colouring in pictures, some children had a turn at these, but mostly they were interested in getting their faces painted and their arms tattooed with gory, spooky images from a pack I picked up at Halloween. 

My niece has started her own business and is offering face painting services to kids parties, at $15 a party I was thrilled with her rates and hired her instantly.

It all came together and most importantly Popps was thrilled with the results. And stay tuned, the next domestic goddess failure case study will be posted this week...the food that didn't make it to the party.



  1. I love the party Claire!!! The theme was done really well, the food looked yum, the cake was amazing and most importantly it looks and sounds like Popps & her friends had a ball!!!!

    Hope you've now got your feet up with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!!!!) in your hands while patting yourself on the back for being a wicked mum!!!

    1. Thanks Amy, I was so thrilled to get some of your suggestions. Thanks so much.

  2. Well done Claire!

    After all that stress, it all came together so well! All the little details added so much to the look and I am sure the feel of the party!

    And of course, most importantly, so glad to hear that Popps had a wickedly fabulous time!!


    1. It was a wicked time! Both in a good way at the party, and a not so good way earlier in the week. Thanks again for all your help with edible textas. Who knew!

    2. Oh gosh you are a clever mummy witch , love the vegie skeleton especially. The cake is amazing too.

  3. Thanks Trish, I had heads of left over chocolate bats and not a scrap left on the veggie plate. The Cheese ghosts were also eaten up first before the junk food.

  4. AWESOME!!! How cool a Mummy are you!!!

    I might have to call on you for some party tips in a few months. TEM9 is wanting a party for her 10th bday.

    1. I really enjoyed all the planning part of it, not so much the recipes that didn't work out. It was a treat to have all the design work done by Park Eden though, which made lots of things easier.

  5. Wow, great party! I need an invite to your parties! Or maybe I'll send my boy to yours for his party, hehe. Well done!

    1. I was just saying to Mr H how having only two parties is just enough, not sure I would survive another. Lucky we are not planning a third.

  6. OMG, it's brilliant!!! Such a fun theme. Well done to you and happy birthday to Arabella. x

  7. well done! look CWA ladies here clairy comes!!

  8. LOVE the theme. When I saw the ghost cake on Instagram, I knew this party was going to be a winner! How can you say you're a domestic goddess fail when you pull out a party THIS good?

    That skeleton vege plate ROCKS!

    Can't wait for the next post of failures. That's bound to make us all feel better about our party efforts!


  9. That is such a great looking party Clairey! (my poor children. Hangs head in shame) Whatever did you write on your cheese with though? It looks like texta but I am sure it is not... Thanks for Rewinding. xx

  10. What a great party - love that skeleton man! Visiting from the Rewind.

  11. Because I am SUCH a party freak, I read this whole post again after finding it on Weekend Rewind. I just love it! Halloween ideas galore. x

  12. What great ideas! I too am looking for some easy food ideas for my daughter's upcoming Halloween inspired birthday party as I am not culinary in the least - the spooky cheese sticks look fantastic and look like something I could actually do!


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