Sunday, January 22, 2012

Decorating: The Sticker Way.

There has been fighting amongst the ranks that has been going on for weeks.

Who is going to get the new bed?

We knew we couldn't decorate like this, as we had a budget to stick to. Mr H allowed for about $7.85 to cover everything.

The new bed is really the old bed. The bed that we had in the mouse house to try and make a little play space for Popps which we shoved under the spare bed in the new place when we got here 18 months ago. This means we stick within the budget.

Immy was bursting out of her little happy toddler bed and didn't want to move, so to encourage her, she got to pick which bed she wanted.

Popps' dollhouse bed, or the semi bunk bed option.

She chose the dollhouse which meant we had to make them change rooms too.

This actually worked out perfectly (if you remove from your mind the part where Mr H and I worked together to get the Ikea Bunk back together, minus the instructions) because the tree we wanted to stick up looks great on the green wall and the flower dimmer light that is wired in to the wall looks ok.

We culled 'treasures' from Popps' drawers, found a stash of lollies she had hidden behind some boxes and sneezed through the dust behind beds.

We now have two happy (indoor) campers.

One room, sparse with a smattering of favourite toys and prints, for a little girl still happy to play with what ever she comes across, with the best stickers to brighten it up ever.

The next room, we gave the big girl some power to decorate. I got the bunting in, she did the rest.

She did manage to put together a reading corner for herself though.

A little nook for a desk also managed to sneak in.

Thanks to Bright Star Kids for the tree stickers, they were really easy to do and certainly gave an excellent finish. I am looking at some for our room now too - Can you have too many wall stickers?



  1. OMG that is so pretty. I want. I'm renting, so would these affect the walls? We used to put helicopter stickers etc at our previous home, they didnt leave marks.

    1. These would be excellent for renting.

      We rented and bought some really cheap ones from Kmart or somewhere (like the ones on the bunk bed) they were terrible, we had to repaint a room when we left!

      These ones are really great and they have a good range. I will certainly use them again.

      Also, the bunting on the wall is actually just stuck up with blue tack, so also an option if you are renting, and much easier to take with you if you leave.

  2. Super sweet, decorating girl's bedrooms is my forte, so much fun & i've had wall stickers transferred from room to room (on grease proof paper if not immediately, like if you're moving) works a treat!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, seems you were one of the few who 'got' the post, clearly i'm never able to be anything but sunshine & rainbows, or have an opinion on my own blog. Yes, really, it all happened, love Posie

  3. Seriously cute tree!! Love the birds house hanging from it.

  4. How simply gorgeous! It's amazing what you can do without breaking the budget.

    1. Sure is, and the bunk bed we originally got off ebay at half price too.

      However I do now have to go and buy sheets!

  5. Both rooms look great! I love those wall stickers. I actually have one here, of a cherry blossom tree, that I plan to add to one of the walls in the living room. Cheap and easy way to decorate :)

  6. What a great tree decal. The rooms are both terrific, Clairey. The colours are gorgeous too. x

  7. That looks fantastic, Claire. Really effective. Loving the colours. Really need to do this for the girls' rooms.

  8. I adore the tree! And the little reading nook looks so comfy. I would be tempted to curl up in there myself.


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