Monday, June 13, 2011

1980s dinner party

Remember I told you I was going to have an 80s dinner party?

The Groupies came over and we had a ball.

Mr H bought beer, no fancy boutique beer back then, it was long necks and the options were VB or Melbourne. We also had Mango Daiquiris, they were mighty fine.

I did some research and was surprised to learn that avocado only became available at the local supermarket in the early 80s. As did French Dressing!

We enjoyed tasty prawn cocktails (iceberg lettuce was the only type available back then too) chicken snitzels baked in cream (Mum tells me I should have made them from scratch as they were not available from the butcher back then, but I had to cheat), a tossed salad with even more iceberg lettuce and finished with chocolate mousse that was loaded with Cointreau.

We listened to Madonna and Cindy Lauper and some Boy George, but none of us heard it, we were all talking, eating and laughing too much.

The Groupies went to great effort to dress up and we had a variety of outfits to show off. As the hostess I was dressed as the housewife. I remember my Mum proudly wearing this dress to the local Catholic Ball, the highlight of the rural yearly calendar. I also put the Cedel hairspray to great use...remember that? Well you can still get it and it still smells the same and has super powers when you need some height in your bouffant. Just add a few hair combs.

Enjoy the puffy sleeves.

A guest was able to find a "gorgeous frock" on eBay, she matched the purple with a strong green eyeshadow.

Mr H was feeling very much the 80s TV star with this foul leather jacket.

There were long denim skirts and jackets, skinny ties, white socks with black shoes, bad brown leather jackets, taffeta and some major power suits also worn that night.

Depending on your age the 80s remind you of many things, for some it was lots of green eyeshadow, others it was samboy chips shrinkies turned into ear rings.

What was your eighties like?


  1. my 80s were the blue eyeliner and eyeshadow .. lots of hairspray and the impulse spray .. track n field trackpants with the zips up the side. lots of Madonna and the under age discos!!

  2. Well, I was born in 85 so don't remember much of except from the gorgeous thick white headbands my Mum used to put on me!

    Your dinner party looks fab! Love it.

  3. Oh wow what a fabulous idea!!
    Love the housewife outfit! and go the green eyeshadow lol

  4. What a fun idea. I love your menu, prawn cocktails were such a treat in the 80s. I wish I had a gang of groupies to have this type of fun with!

  5. what a great party. The authenticity is sensational! Bloody hell, aren't ice-berg lettuce the most expensive kind at the moment!

    1980's for me was bubble skirts, my brother wearing my mothers shoulder pads when he made his first holy communion and lots of INXS, icehouse and massive eyebrows.

  6. In the words of Spandau Ballet's '80s hit ... Gold!

  7. Loving the frock!

    I was born in the 80s so I'm very, very pleased to say that the clothing I wore was not my choice! (Although that doesn't get me off the hook for the 90s... but that's another story.)

  8. lol @ the samboy chip packet shrunk to make earrings...ahhh, the 80' many memories! sounds like a great night :)

  9. Awww.. So much fun! What a cool idea for a party! Go Madonna & Cyndi Lauper! The 80's for me, was microphone/hair brush in hand, singing to the likes of Whitney & Kylie (I Should Be So Lucky days). Ah, I want to have a party! :)

  10. This is beyond fabulous, Claire :) love the menu!! oh, and the puffy sleeves. So fetching on you!
    Heidi xo


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