Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two days

In two days I will have to tick the box that makes me closer to 40 than 30.


Surely I am not that old already?

Mr H is older than me, so perhaps he is going into early Alzheimer's, because last night he said as we have nothing on this Thursday he might take the girls to the snow.


You have 48 hours left Mr H to get shopping, baking and wrapping.

Thankfully my bestest girlfriends are always there when I need them. The pic above has arrived in the post and the wrapping is so pretty I will want to keep it to look at a bit longer.

I don't know why but I do love beautiful wrapping paper.


  1. Oh happy birthday!! for two days. I love pretty wrapping paper too, I think it is because life is meant to be pretty and full of eye candy so having something wrapped pretty is fulfilling that pretty need :)

  2. I do hope Mr H comes up with the goods. It would appear you are six months older than me. Nice vintage! Happy Birthday for 2 days time, in case I forget on the day. x

  3. eeek!! Birthdays always bring out my i'm-not-so-sure-i'm-happy-about-this side!!
    But I'm sure you'll have a lovely lovely day :-)
    Happy Birthday Sweety!!

  4. Love wrapping paper. And a well-written, pretty or funny card.

    Hope you have a wonderful day... Isn't it funny that we think about the numbers...

    Embrace it, enjoy it, and good luck Mr H. Hope he comes through!

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope he's playing a lovely trick on you & you have a great birthday :)

  6. Dont thnk Mr H has ever let you down in the birthday department!!

    Just wait and see..

  7. Ooh, I know that box well. Ticked it in March. It snuck up on me and actually freaked me out a bit! My other half is already over 40 but thought it his duty to tease me mercilessly about being closer to 40 than 30. I would like to say it's not as bad as you think but so far my tactic has just been to pretend I'm still younger.
    But in any case, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You can still have cake no matter what age you are :-)

  8. Oh me too Clairey, me too!

    That gift looks too perfect to open.

    Happy Birthday hon. If it makes you feel better I will actually be 40 in September.

    See? You feel better already. xx


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