Sunday, June 26, 2011

A footy trip brings things back to normal.

I recently had a discussion with Mr H about the way he and Popps were speaking to each other. I had noticed a change in their once very tight relationship.

She had started choosing not to go with him to Bunnings, which is saying something for her, especially missing out on the craft table and the salmonella sausage sizzle. She declined a trip to the zoo with him, which was formerly like their comfy backyard, they would just hang out with the seals and butterflies and stroll about, they had favourite places that only they knew about. 

We got a call on Thursday to see if we could meet Mr H's family at the footy. I suggested Mr H take Popps on his own as Immy wouldnt last that late at night.

When we asked if she was keen to go, Popps was really excited. Conditions were she needed to be asleep by 7.30pm that night to be allowed to go.

7.31pm and she who hardly sleeps was in bed, eyes shut and silent as a mouse.

They got the 6pm train into the city and walked to the MCG. They climbed the stairs to the heavens for their seats and she sat with her cousins and laughed and cheered for a team she didn't know, the winning one, I tried to get her to cheer for the Bombers but have failed to convince her that this is a very noble path to take in life.

It was midnight when they walked in the door, after a long wait for a train in the late cold night. I had left out her coat, hat, boots and gloves to wear so I knew she was as warm as could be.

And though she didn't get to bed until 12.30am she was truly happy.

In the morning she chose to skip her dance class and stay home with her Dad, they slept on the couch watching tv until 10.30am, had a late breakfast, worked in the veggie garden then went out to walk the dog and go to the park while Immy slept.

It seems they have a new thing to call their own. An activity just for big sisters who can stay up late and walk long distances to footy grounds when you miss the tram. A place that Mum doesn't know about and they have their own rules. Where lollies are eaten and Subway is in the healthy diet pyramid. A place where (sometimes) demanding two year olds are not part of the picture.

Things are back to normal.

Do you have activities that you try and do with just one child from time to time? Have they changed?


  1. That is so special! Such fun for a little girl and her Dad. I bet he was as proud as punch bringing his daughter to the game. Thanks for the smiles x

  2. good to hear. :)

    did you figure out what was wrong?

  3. That's such a lovely story ... I love it when the kids get one-on-one time with us x

  4. Love this! Sounds as though she just needed some out-of-routine time with him.


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