Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When a 'nearly' domestic goddess travels

As a domestic goddess in the making it is important that I (and the family) take a little trip every now and then.

When taking a mini break away from home it is important that your accommodation meet certain basic requirements and as much as Mr H wants that to be a tent and a bonfire, I have decided that a domestic goddess just would never do camping.

I also accept I am a fusspot when leaving home and prefer the following as a minimum.

- a King sized bed
- immaculate linen of the highest quality. Preferably white.
- fluffy white towels
- infinite amounts of hot water.
- a decent sized powerful hair dryer
- indoor heated pool, preferably with spa

In addition, if the little Hueys are along they need constant entertainment.

We all made a compromise and even though it might be winter and Melbourne had severe weather warnings, we went to the beach.

To a caravan park.

But not the one of my childhood where you needed to run to the toilet block from your van and then run naked out of your shower cubicle to put more 10 cent coins in the hot water machine while all the time wearing your thongs to prevent foot fungi viruses.


This is my caravan park.


Images that are not mine (the ones we are in) are poached from the Bellarine Big 4 Facebook page.

And, no, this is not a paid review, there are no giveaways or deals. Just another place that I recommend those with small kids take a break.


  1. love type of caravaning too..and where is this beaut park?

  2. Ditto for a "powerful hairdryer"!

  3. That looks brilliant! Love it.
    And yes, the normal sized, powerful hairdryer is a MUST!

  4. Now that's my type of caravan park!! nicely done goddess :O)

  5. Hi Penny,
    This is the Bellarine Big 4 caravan park, near Geelong in Victoria.

  6. Could definitely see myself at this caravan park. My hubby is always banging on about camping. Must sway him towards the idea of a caravan....

  7. hehe I like that caravan park! Looks great for kids!

  8. Love that caravan park Claire.There are so many family parks with great facilities.
    I was thinking of asking for sponsorship when we do our big trip - in return for a few blog posts. :)

  9. Love this place been twice now in the summer time with 3 kiddies 6-10 years and kids just love it ! They have a great holiday program in the school holidays, I love the 3bedroom cabin as it has a king size bed!!

  10. Thats not a caravan park. Its not. it can't be.

    That place is... well lets just say your "camping" is far more flash than my home...


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