Monday, September 22, 2014

Smell snobs

There are coffee snobs, which I am certainly not. There are also book snobs, which I have sometimes been a little bit guilty of, but in my defence I am mainly a children's book snob. Just adding a few pretty pictures does not make a good kids story and nor does having a lesson in the story...anyhooo, that's a whole other post.

I am guilty of being a smell snob.

I have written of my favourite smell before.

I received a gift in the mail today, a box of all sorts of treats, most will be re-gifted, so I can't show you their faces, just in case you get one in the mail! But this little candle I popped open and whiffed up my nostrils in seconds.


It's also pineapple and coconut so all it really needs is some midori and it would be a green smoothie.
(Don't drink your candles) Prepare your drink, light your candles, make a wish and allow the power of good smells to make you feel good.

I kept this one on the kitchen bench and sniffed it as I walked past all day. It smells like summer days to come, good ones.

Burning decent smelly candles can change your day. It's ok to be a smell snob, I promise.

Have you got a favourite candle?


  1. Mmmm pineapple is one of my favourite smells. I admit to being a smell snob too... if it's too sweet I just can't do it. First world problem right there ;)

  2. I am totally a smell snob and I love the Glasshouse Montego bay - coconut and lime ;) xx

  3. I love love candles and this is a lovely one. I am a huge fan of the Ecoya french pear and any coconut and lime one! Bec x

  4. Me too! This candle sounds delicious.


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