Friday, September 12, 2014

Flying Fears

Are you a good flyer?

I am a good flyer.

No, actually I am not so great a flyer.

I don't like small planes.
I don't like helicopters.
I don't like planes that seem to be making a funny noise as we are taking off.
I don't like the take off. That feeling that we might not make it up into the sky.

I prefer an aisle seat, closer to escape, than a window where I can see the waves crashing - did someone say CRASHING?

I don't like bumpy bits where the plane is being wobbled around.

But I love the destinations and I also love flights with inflight entertainment when I might see a new movie or watch a show (which is not happening on this flight right now).

Once I am flying above the clouds I can relax and sleep. I can read a book, eat a meal, write this blog post and eagerly await the landing, the best bit of any flight.

I love that moment when the plane hits the ground with a thud and I don't care if we run off the runway, hit a tree or lose a wheel. At least I am on the ground back where I really really want to be.

Disclaimer: This post was written in the sky as I tried to calm myself during anxiety inducing moments. Solo flying just might not be my thing.


  1. My kids insist on getting out the emergency info cards and reading them. Every time we fly. Drives me nuts, and adds to my worry. I'm OK, as long as there are no weird noises, or I think the wheels are stuck... but I usually feel better once the trolley with drinks arrive.

  2. I LOVE flying, it's such a gift and I yearn to do it as much as I can, also because it means I'm on my way somewhere else. One of my besties is petrified of flying.. I feel for her and you xx

  3. I love travel but don't like any bumps and feel enormous relief when we touch the ground. A friend of mine just posted on Facebook that he had just been informed to expect 7 hours of Turbulence - I'd need more than a few champagnes to get through a flight like that! x

  4. I'm the same about sitting on the aisle. I hate the idea of being unable to get out.

  5. I don't really like being airborne at all. The only thing I like is free drinks (to calm my nerves of course!) We're on a big trip right now and have had to do a lot of flying, each flight being very long and very bumpy. Hubby actually thinks the more I fly, the more nervous I become. I'm just pleased if I score an aisle seat and if I get out alive. When it comes to flying it's the destination not the journey that makes it all worthwhile!

  6. Ugh..... yes I have this. It's getting bloomin worse JUST as I am traveling more and discovering the world. The destination is always worth it but ugh - I hate flying! I always have a glass or wine or two hehe. I NEED a window seat too, so I can see whats going on. Because, you know I can help if anything happens haha.. Bec x

  7. Semi anxious here as well - all ok unless there is a bump, or the hostesses have to sit down! As the the poster above 7 hours of turbulence. I would be breathing through a brown paper bag.

  8. I *hate* flying and I'm a travel blogger living in the most isolated city on the planet ... go figure. I have got over my major anxieties about it but I never exactly enjoy it and I'm always watching the flight attendants to see if they look nervous or not.


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