Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When your job might be the best job in the world.

On Friday Immy ran out screaming from her Prep class room. The excited squeals of a child who may have been invited to a birthday party or a play date. Except it wasn't, I just couldn't understand what she wanted.

Soon her teacher came over and asked if Mr H would be available to talk to the Preppies about his work for half an hour this week.

Sure I said. When?

When can he make it? she asked. When do you want him I replied.

We settled for Tuesday at 9 am and I rang Mr H to tell him he had an appointment with 65 five year olds. He asked what he had to do. Just talk about work I said. I then heard a big heavy sigh, and could pretty much see him rolling his eyes through the phone.

Today he sat at the front of the class. 64 little people cross legged and wiggly on the floor and Immy by his side.

He asked his first question. "Who thinks they know what I do at work." Lots of hands went up, including Immy's.

Let's let Immy answer this one the teacher says and Immy confidently declares that "Daddy plays Candy Crush all day".

Well, maybe.

Over the next half hour I am not sure who had more fun. Mr H or the 65 little people. He talked and got to make jokes when everyone laughed. The kids got to ask questions which mostly turned out to be comments about what happens in their house. He showed pictures from work and laughed at the stories that will only come from the mouths of five year olds.

He finished up with his last question to the class, asking if anyone could guess how
many years he had been working.

All hands went up. The first little boy guessed 200 years. LOWER shouts Mr H. Someone yells out 100 years. Lower he says. The next kid say 700 years.

Mr H refers to Immy and says, you tell them how many years Daddy has been doing his job.

Ok. Immy claps excitedly. It is 60 Million Hundred Thousand years!

And somedays Mr H looks like he just might have worked 60 Million Hundred Thousand years. But not today.

Today he had the best job in the world.



  1. That's awesome Claire! Immy will remember that day forever x

  2. Well-one Mr H!! fabbo guessing Miss Immy! What a wonderful experience for everyone!

  3. How lovely. And Candy Crush all day :) That is awesome.

  4. Kids will always remember the parents visiting them a school. I know I do.
    And Immy is just precious, bless her.


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