Monday, July 21, 2014

A lack of cushions

After four years of living in our house we have finally purchased a couch and a fabulous chair for "The Front Room"

Previously the Front Room has contained other people's old furniture. It has the Barbie Glamour Jet in one corner, a very poor excuse for a 'desk' in another corner, there are wires hanging out of the walls for a surround sound system that we don't own, the previous owners tried to do us a favour by making it easy to plug our own system in...if only.

But finally the new couch has arrived. I wanted modern but not to modern. A back that was not too low and not too high. I wanted some colour.

The Monti arrived and fits perfectly.

But he needs some cushions.

Buying cushions is hard work. I keep seeing so many that I like, some are very very expensive and Mr H requests I keep looking for a few more.

Here are some of my favourites that I have found on the Down That Little Lane website. I like a cushion with a message and a bit of colour, but there are pages and pages and pages of cushions over there.

Then I saw these at Country Road, I like them, but they are a chain store which means these cushions are going to be everywhere and that white sparkly look will not last more than three minutes in my house. 

A few clicks later and I am over on Made it and I find this one, among 678 others.

So while it took me four years to find the couch, I never expected the cushions to be so difficult to decide upon.

Where do you buy your cushions?


  1. We had cushions once. Many years ago, pre children. I didn't even notice they were gone (or maybe I didn't remember we ever had them) until recently.
    I can't remember where we got them but I recall they were a lovely lime green. Sorry, I can't be of any actual help.

  2. I make them! So that I can change them whenever I feel and I don't feel so bad!

  3. I am in the process of trying to deccide on cushions too. At the moment I am addicted to Etsy. I downloaded the app and just look at cushion after cushion after cushion.

  4. I make my own out of cool teatowels. You know the ones thst you love but really have no need for?


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