Friday, July 11, 2014

Not My Orange Cake

You don't see too many recipes here so when you do you should know that they are easy to make, worth the effort and tasty little treats.

We still had a few extra oranges rolling around and I wanted to whip up something for the girls to take to the babysitter in the morning. It was perfect timing for my amazing orange cake.

Except it isn't my orange cake, it's Yota's Orange Cake.

I have a book where I started collecting recipes from people, it's actually pretty empty. But the recipes in it are the best. Yota and I used to work for the same law firm. We got pregnant with our first babies at the same time. Her bub was born early - on the day mine was due, mine was born late - the day hers was due.

We met up a few times post baby but we lost contact in the years that followed. I am not sure where Yota works now, but I still have her email printed out that she sent me with this recipe and I think of her every time I make it.

Recipes and food are pretty cool like that. Entwining memories, happy times and nourishment all at once.

This week I made the orange cake into cupcakes and then iced them with lime icing. Pretty delish.

It's a basic recipe, but here you go.

Print it out, sticky tape it to your book and dance in the kitchen when you bake it.

Yota's Orange Cake with Clairey's Lime icing. 

You need a Food Processor for this cake.


1 Orange
185 grams of butter (melted, but not hot...don't rush this. LET IT COOL).
1 cup of Castor Sugar (I use raw)
1.5 cups of Self Raising Flour
3 eggs

Step 1.
Put the freshly washed orange in the food processor. Blitz that baby to whatever consistency you want.

Step 2.
Put everything else into the food processor and blitz it again until all is smooth and cake mixture like.

Step 3.
Pour into whatever bakeware you want. Big cake or cupcakes or muffin pan. Whatever.

Bake in oven of 170 degrees (fan forced).

If you want, you can copy Yota and sprinkle brown sugar on the top just before cooking.


You can squeeze the juice from one freshly picked organic lime (any lime will do though) and stir it into 3/4 cup of icing sugar and then stir like buggery until you have smooth icing.

The cakes are cooked when they are ready. Don't burn them. They are ready when they have cooked through and are springy if you touch the top.

Remember to let them cool before you ice them.

There is one downside to this cake. There are no beaters to lick - do not give your children the blades from the food processor.

Enjoy the citrus hit.


  1. No beaters? What a rip!

    I do love an orange cake though...

  2. I love citrusy desserts. Yum!!

  3. Ohh this sounds yummy. I do not have a food processor though, so I am feeling quite disappointed at the moment as I was imagining whipping this up for supper.

  4. mmm yum sounds delicious, I'm a sucker for anything citrusy x

  5. How wonderful. I wonder with she is too??

  6. Oranges are not the only cake? And your story about Yota is the reason why The Monday a Morning Cooking Club is one of my favourite books! Food and storytelling perfection. x

  7. The words "Orange Cake" strike a chord in my heart, Clairey! I have to pass this recipe on to someone who will make it for me. Sharing now on Facebook!

  8. The no beaters to lick may be tough explaining t the kids, but this cake looks like it could definitely be worth it xx

  9. mmm - I might try this - looks a bit healthy.

  10. Oh yum! I love a good whole orange cake recipe. You're so funny, Claire!!!

    I love the way recipes evoke memories too. There's something special about making something that someone we loved has made. I wish we did more handwritten recipes now cos I love looking at my mum's handwritten recipes and sniffing the old paper that she wrote on. My handwriting's so crappy though, that no one would want a handwritten one from me. Ha! Oh well, off to sniff some freshly printed off the computer recipes;) x

  11. All the orange cake recipes I have say to oil the orange, skin and all. So I will have to try this one.


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